Thomas Casella, N.Y.S. Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Tom has lived in Staten Island for 23 years. Prior to moving to Staten Island, he had lived in Brooklyn, Westchester, and Long Island. His favorite part about living on Staten Island is the ability to live in a suburban surrounding, yet still being close enough to the city.

Being a realtor for over a decade, Tom began his journey by getting his license to assist his wife with her real estate practice. As time progressed he began to enjoy real estate, having the ability to see different types of homes, witness their potential, and more importantly, helping people find their perfect home, which is ideally his ultimate goal.

When Tom and his wife were looking for their home, it took viewing close to 60 different homes before finding the perfect one. From his own experience, he learned early on the need to be flexible and attentive to his clients. He firmly believes that finding the right home takes time and he is understanding of this commitment.

Older homes with their character, craft work and charm is one of Tom’s favorite things about working in real estate. Besides real estate, Tom, along with his wife, has raised three daughters here on Staten Island. They also enjoy the unique restaurants and dining establishments on the North Shore that you can only find here!

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