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Separating the emotion isn’t easy in home selling, but the consequences of not managing them can have huge consequences.

When talking to many homeowners one of the resounding conversations that repeats themselves is, “I put my house on the market last year and someone offered me ten thousand dollars below my asking price of $475,000. I was insulted, and I said no way."

Later on weeks and sometimes months, and even years later I’ve had many sellers confide in me, “If I would have known then what I know now, I would have jumped on it.” Unfortunately, it's a conversation that is playing across dinner tables for as long as real estate has existed.

Haven Esplanade

Emotion runs high on personal property. It can have consequences.

Sometimes a seller hears an

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So you're in the market for a new home on Staten Island. Consequently, on Saturday you say to your spouse lets take a ride and look at homes. So your first stop takes you to Annadale, you heard good things about the area and decided to start there. You spot a home, and there's a for sale sign out front. You grab the cell phone and call the real estate company listing the home, and they put you in touch with the listing agent who gives you all the details. The real estate agent is on another call; she will call back. Okay, moving along you have your Staten Island Advance Real Estate section handy and was intrigued by a new construction open house ad in Tottenville, and off you head out to the open house. The agent on site reveals all the great The home

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Edin Sabovic, which is a member of the Commercial Real Estate Team, as well as the Luxury Real Estate Team here at RealEstateSINY, discusses the important factors and guidelines when investing in Strip malls or Shopping centers on Staten Island. Edin is also a member of the National Association of Realtors, New York State Association of Realtors as well as a member of the Staten Island Board of Realtors.

There are essentially two types of shopping malls. One that everybody is familiar with: classic shopping mall, a covered large structure with hundreds of stores big and small. Then you have small strip malls comprised anywhere from three to four stores to a few dozens. This is the type of shopping centers being discussed in this blog

Within that

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Join us by entering your home into's 2016 Holiday Home Decorating Appreciation! We are changing our tradition and doing away with the contest rules! Instead, we want to appreciate all the beautifully and festively decorated homes on Staten Island!


To enter you home, or someone else's, send us a Facebook Message or email ( with your name, phone, home address and email address. Attach pictures or a video of your home's Holiday display to the message you are sending us. We will use that material to post on our Facebook timeline, appreciating your front yard! Some entries will later be selected and contacted about being a part of our Holiday Home Decorating VIDEO; this is when the team will come and

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Join this keynote event to discover how to navigate technology for the future of real estate, exploring the opportunities that are open to expanding your career. invested over 1.6 million dollars in digital infrastructure. Find out how our agency is creating future and the stats that back it up. is welcoming all real estate professionals and those interested in becoming a realtor to join us on Thursday, November 10th for a presentation highlighting the NEW ERA in real estate showing SI-DEX system, video technology, advanced media and the use of drone technology, to sell homes and commercial real estate.

Doors open at 5 PM and there is limited seating! Reserve your spot today! There will be a mixer and Q&A

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Attend our event to learn from our experience Realtors, licensed in New York and New Jersey, about Senior Housing communities in Middlesex, Ocean County, and Monmouth, New Jersey. They will also be able to answer any questions you will have about the various senior housing communities! All are welcomed to the event, whether you are ready to buy now, considering your options, or just seeking information.

There will also be a licensed mortgage and licensed attorney at the event providing details. DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY! Admission is free, and the event will provide refreshments and grab bags! For more information, contact us today!

1,155 Views, 0 Comments's Anthony Licciardello and Christine Romano sit down to talk about commercial real estate in Staten Island and the importance of marketing the available space properly!


Topics in Conversation:

- Commercial properties for sale that are NOT selling: how marketing helps your commercial real estate property: 1:10

- Marketing to a large pool of people: 4:00

- The sale of commercial real estate with an experienced realtor: 6:20

- Why Vacant locations affect sales: 8:00

- can help you with these needs!: 10:30

- Boom in commercial real estate: 12:02

- Large retail type stores coming to Staten Island: 13:20

- How will it work?: 15:01

- Parking does not make or break an establishment:

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