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This is our most personal live video to date- here we reveal the story behind the founding of the company. has faced trials and tribulations over the years yet remains stronger now than ever. So it is a fitting time to reminisce about the company's beginnings and talk about how we got to where we are today.

We also discuss the architectural proposal by the firm Cetraruddy for their plan to expand housing for an influx of 300,000 new residents to Staten Island. Their ambitious "Staten Island City" commercial plan includes high rises on the West Shore, where there is much undeveloped land, and a tech campus.

This is our second live stream outdoors and the weather is still a little brisk. Correspondent Hannah Jay interviews Anthony

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It's story time! Our most recent Facebook live video goes into the Top 3 biggest real estate disasters witnessed by the company during the years we have been serving buyers and sellers. One of these deals went down in flames (literally)! 

We also give some tips on how to avoid making the biggest mistakes we've witnessed over the years. In essence, selling a home is typically an emotional process for all those involved. Because so much emotion is invested- between packing up and settling elsewhere, leaving behind a place filled with so many memories, and perceiving a higher sense of value in your home than the market actually demands- these high stakes often lead to rash decisions. Understanding market fundamentals and looking at things with a

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With Facebook being such a hot topic in the news lately, we thought we would weigh in on the subject in our weekly live video.

Mark Zuckerburg has received a lot of heat for the Cambridge Analytica data breach, in which the data of 50 million was stolen and stored by the data management firm who worked on President Trump's election campaign. More recently, the social media giant was hit with another scandal regarding the Messenger App. It was discovered by disgruntled users that their call and text logs were all being stored by Facebook if they had given permission for the app to access their cell contacts.

We also touched on Facebook's algorithm changes a few weeks back which undermined the reach of business pages, instead favoring content from

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February's home prices are still very close to record highs in Staten Island as developers and residents alike clamor for their own piece of the pie. The average home sale price last month was $558,102, down about 1% from the January's record high.

The US stock market had a rocky performance in the month of February. While some this shake-up caused some speculation that the fall would continue, the DOW has recovered for the most part. Looking at real estate statistics, which include the average days listed on the market of just 88, buyer confidence in Staten Island did not seem to be hurt at all.

Though the market still hangs in the seller's favor, a substantial listings increase since last year gives buyers more options. February saw 510 new homes

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Many homeowners still fret over their homes inability to attract a decent offer, even in a seller's market. 

It's usually based on misunderstanding the process of selling your home, or just plain being sold the on ideas vs. the realities of it. 

Homeowners who need to sell can feel a sense of powerlessness over the entire home selling process, which manifests itself aggravation and even disgust. Some have even abandon using an agent all together and decided to place their home as for sale by owner. There are things you can do to possibly prevent your home from laying stagnant on the market, if you decide re-list your home. To avoid this fate, one needs to diagnose the reason for failure, and work with an agent who knows how to resolve them. Here are

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All over the country, we hear talk of the “retail apocalypse.” Brands that once thrived, from Wet Seal to Borders, have closed their doors for good. Generations-long Staples like Sears, Macy’s, Sam’s Club, and JC Penny continue to shutter stores nationwide to avoid bankruptcy.

These once powerful chains have buckled from competition against online retailers. In many cases it’s impossible to match the lower prices and convenience of Amazon and other online shops. 

The retail apocalypse officially reigned in during 2016 when major retailers closed thousands of stores across the country. But the seeds were sown long before that year. Brick and mortar stores have been feeling the pressure increasing for a long time along with the rising popularity

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Well here we are again- live and with a super important topic: Real Estate Video!

Live on Facebook, Anthony Licciardello and Hannah Jay discuss a passion: just why real estate video is so important today, and remains so in the advent of virtual tours. Though rising in popularity, virtual tours have a major downside, and we talk about why we believe they are not a good way to promote a home online.

We also talk about aerial drone video - a longtime passion of Anthony's. was one of the very first companies out there to recognize the importance of aerial video. It gives a sophisticated edge to property marketing that goes beyond just the flash and "wow" factor. We can actually show you the surrounding neighborhood this way. For a

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Best practices for getting your home seen by buyers - does this intimidate you? It doesn't have to be this way!

In the digital age, it is more important than ever to present your home in a nice light. The important of beautiful photos, social media, and well written descriptions should not be overlooked. Everything is out there for the public to see- friends, family, but most importantly, buyers who choose whether or not to bid on your home based on its presentation.

As part of a live Facebook segment, Broker and Co-Owner Anthony Licciardello is interviewed by PR Developer Hannah Jay on the best ways to market a home. You won't want to miss out on our many years of wisdom in this area, helping you avoid making the same mistakes we have seen so many

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When you see a home for sale, how did the seller arrive at that value? How can we go about pricing our homes well? The answer lies in a human element- not just a computer. broker and co-owner Anthony Licciardello discusses with correspondant Hannah Jay the nitty gritty of our custom value platform SI-Dex. We talk about local values and how you must have an in-depth understanding for the right data. Most importantly, transparency from smart real estate agents who are there for your best interests.

A computer might be smart, but simply can't know as much as a realtor who dedicates their life to walking the streets they sell homes on, listening to client needs, and holding their hands throughout the years. Markets change,

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Separating the emotion isn’t easy in home selling, but the consequences of not managing them can have huge consequences.

When talking to many homeowners one of the resounding conversations that repeats themselves is, “I put my house on the market last year and someone offered me ten thousand dollars below my asking price of $475,000. I was insulted, and I said no way."

Later on weeks and sometimes months, and even years later I’ve had many sellers confide in me, “If I would have known then what I know now, I would have jumped on it.” Unfortunately, it's a conversation that is playing across dinner tables for as long as real estate has existed.

Haven Esplanade

Emotion runs high on personal property. It can have consequences.

Sometimes a seller hears an

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