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I am sure you have been hearing all about how hot the Staten Island real estate market has become in the last couple of months. If you are considering selling your home, now is the time! The inventory is at an all time low, which means it is rising prices on houses! Since the market is ever fluctuating, there is no proof to tell how long this market will last, or if it will ever happen again. As a New York State licensed realtor, who specializes in Staten Island, I am elated to say that you will reap all the positive benefits of selling in today's market.

According to the Staten Island Board of Realtors:

As of May 2016, Staten Island is in the thick of an exciting period of home buying and selling. These sales include quick multiple offers that

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StreetEasy released data, pinpointing neighborhoods throughout New York City for first-time home buyers. The data gathered is determined from results based on the average age of first-time home buyers (ages 31 to 35 years old) and that age group's median income (ranging $66,738). Using that information, they identified the neighborhoods most viable for first-time home buyers in New York City.

Listed below are the 13 neighborhoods in Staten Island, perfect for first-time home buyers, based on the data from StreetEasy. These neighborhoods are based on sales in 2015, for all types of homes with two bedrooms. The numbers of homes for sale in 2015 are listed next to the neighborhood. 

  1. New Springville - Mid-Island, 36 affordable units 
  2. Arden
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With only around 1,200 homes for sale today in Staten Island and the market flooded with buyers it is truly a seller's market. What is a seller's market you ask? How will this benefit you as the seller? Let me explain. A seller's market is when there are more buyers than sellers resulting in higher prices due to the  excess of demand over supply. Due to the shortage of inventory multiple buyers will bid on a property turning it into a bidding war (sold to the highest bidder). Of course there are many factors that play a role in this.

One factor is choosing the right agent. Choosing the right agent is crucial to the sale of your home. The right agent can help you buy or sell your home quickly. Interview a couple of agents and ask yourself these

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This past month's real estate numbers are notably less concerning than April's, but still strange upon detailed examination.

To begin, current days on the market averaged just 138, which is lower than we have seen in seven months, when the number fell to 135 in October. This beat last month's already low 149, and fell 25% from 183 days in May 2013. This is also among the lowest we have seen in several years; homes are selling so fast, it is difficult to keep them in stock.

This increase in sale speed is coupled with a slight price increase over the prior month. Homes in May fetched a median sale price of $380,000, compared to the previous month's $368,250. However, this number is far lower than last year's $415,000 by more than 8%. The percentage of

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February 2014 Real Estate Market Statistics

This is the year to sell your home.  Selling your home in the spring is the best time because this is when there is the largest number of buyers.  Right now, sellers have very little competition! Serious buyers are looking for a home right now, and want to settle into the existing rate before it goes up.

There were only 10 more homes available compared to the previous month of January.  More homes were available on the market during February compared to January 2014, but fewer homes were sold.  February’s current inventory stood at 1877 with only 195 homes sold. 

In terms of speed, it took 123 days to sell 195 homes, and would take 9.62 months to clear out the 1877 homes that were available.  Last year

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It’s amazing how many articles lay out a boilerplate strategy on choosing the right real estate company.  Which ones will accomplish the mission of selling your home in today’s market? Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and understand who and why would be best fit to accomplish the sale of one of your greatest assets.

Look at how the company and agent presents themselves.

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck. Even a quick look into a company’s marketing will give you insight into how much effort they’d put into marketing your home.

The quality of the real estate agents or agency marketing materials should give you an idea of how serious they take the property marketing process. Homeowners often overlook the presentation

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The overall market of 2013 attracted plenty of buyers but very few sellers.  In December, there were under 2,000 homes available to be sold, which is considered very low.  Now that we are out of the economic housing bubble crisis, people need to be more confident rather than timid, when selling their homes.  A key tip for potential sellers is to know who they are working with and how to obtain the information that is provided to them.  The bank will inform them on how much their home is worth; it is then the seller’s choice whether or not to accept this advice when setting the listing price.



The average listing and sale price has not drastically changed in the last four years.  The average annual

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Last month alone, we saw some slight decreases in the monthly sales and monthly volume, the average listing and selling prices, the number of homes on the market, and the amount of time it would take to sell all the homes on the market in October.

The average cumulative number of days on the market for those homes rose just slightly, while the median sale price and the percentage homebuyers were paying from the listing price stayed the same.Si Market Report

With the revision to the amount of homes sold in October, the decrease for November is a bit less than what it could have been, but it is still much lower than we may have guessed.  According to the report, the number of homes sold in November was 264, which is a little more than eleven percent less than October’s

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We thought it couldn’t get any better, but it did. The latest market statistics for the month of July really blew away those from June.

First, let’s take a look at the monthly real estate sales on Staten Island. We saw an increase of more than eight percent from June to July, with 321 homes recorded as being sold in the latter month. The great part about this is that home sales have been rising steadily since March—that’s four months of increasing home sales! If you compare this past month’s sales to those of last year’s sales in July, we see an increase of over forty-five percent.Staten Island's Market Report on Real Estate Sales

But hang on—let’s backtrack and compare it to when the sales started rising in March of this year. If you put March and July side-by-side, you’ll see an increase of almost

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Ofcourse sellers want to get the most money for their home. Common sense only tells to ask for more and see where it takes us....right?....WRONG!!! This is one of the biggest mistakes that could be made when it comes to selling a home.

The key to getting the most money for your home is accurately pricing it from the beginning. Statistics have shown that if you price your home even 10% above true market value, you will only reach 30% of the potential buyers for your home. If you price 15% below market value, you will reach atleast 90% of potential buyers but, they will think you are desperate to sell quickly and become more aggressive in negotiating on the price even lower then your asking for.

Ofcourse that leaves you with the belief, that you still

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