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It's story time! Our most recent Facebook live video goes into the Top 3 biggest real estate disasters witnessed by the company during the years we have been serving buyers and sellers. One of these deals went down in flames (literally)! 

We also give some tips on how to avoid making the biggest mistakes we've witnessed over the years. In essence, selling a home is typically an emotional process for all those involved. Because so much emotion is invested- between packing up and settling elsewhere, leaving behind a place filled with so many memories, and perceiving a higher sense of value in your home than the market actually demands- these high stakes often lead to rash decisions. Understanding market fundamentals and looking at things with a

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Over the years, a lot has changed in Staten Island. Many historical properties have fallen into disrepair, struggled to maintain landmark status, or been sold off to developers for their valuable land.

Perhaps the most high profile and most controversial of these over the past few years was Mount Manresa, the Catholic retreat and natural gem filled with some of the oldest trees in New York City. Environmentalists and Catholics alike rallied to save this property and have it landmarked by the City of New York LPC.

When the almighty dollar won out and the property was sold to The Savo Brothers, many in the community were angered to lose this natural beauty. Borough president James Oddo was so peeved that he took revenge and named the streets in the

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Staten Island has around half a million residents. What is the island missing that would be a huge asset to those living here? Correspondent Hannah Jay and Co-Owner Anthony Licciardello discuss some ideas!

1. North Shore Railway, which once existed along the northern part of the island and could be revived from existing tracks. This would be a boon for North Shore commuters and for property values in the area.

2. Monorail to the city via Hylan Blvd that would sail above the Hudson River where the Staten Island Ferry and other boats travel. Alternatively, we could complete the ill-fated Brooklyn Subway Tunnel which began right before The Great Depression.   3. The Cheesecake Factory, a diverse and beloved restaurant across the…
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What are Staten Island's best kept secrets? We're here to let you in on them! On Staten Island's North, Mid-Island, and South Shore sections, Anthony Licciardello and Hannah Jay identify some of the most beautiful yet mysterious locations in Staten Island.

These neighborhoods are home to luxury Staten Island homes and are each charming in their own unique way. Yet, since they lie off the beaten path, these streets offer luxury homes for a great value. This is an depth discussion about the history, home styles, transportation, unique views and amenities each of these neighborhoods has to offer.

PLUS- a discussion about property taxes that may just save you lots of money! There are lots of ways to reduce the property taxes you pay each year, whether

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Early February, Wall Street plunges downward as the DOW Jones sends investors into a panic. How does this compare to other stock market dips of the past? Should we look for warning signs?

Not yet, exactly. This dip in the stock market (which has since recovered) does not represent a crash. The dip would have to be greater for it to be considered a crash, to at least 30%. At around 11%, this is more likely classified as a correction. If it fell further, it would be classified as a bear market.

The important thing to take away is that this may not be cause for panic, yet anyway. Stock market ebbs and flows are a normal part of the economy. We should be on the lookout for changes in the future and it is a fact that this upward spike could not sustain

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All over the country, we hear talk of the “retail apocalypse.” Brands that once thrived, from Wet Seal to Borders, have closed their doors for good. Generations-long Staples like Sears, Macy’s, Sam’s Club, and JC Penny continue to shutter stores nationwide to avoid bankruptcy.

These once powerful chains have buckled from competition against online retailers. In many cases it’s impossible to match the lower prices and convenience of Amazon and other online shops. 

The retail apocalypse officially reigned in during 2016 when major retailers closed thousands of stores across the country. But the seeds were sown long before that year. Brick and mortar stores have been feeling the pressure increasing for a long time along with the rising popularity

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Best practices for getting your home seen by buyers - does this intimidate you? It doesn't have to be this way!

In the digital age, it is more important than ever to present your home in a nice light. The important of beautiful photos, social media, and well written descriptions should not be overlooked. Everything is out there for the public to see- friends, family, but most importantly, buyers who choose whether or not to bid on your home based on its presentation.

As part of a live Facebook segment, Broker and Co-Owner Anthony Licciardello is interviewed by PR Developer Hannah Jay on the best ways to market a home. You won't want to miss out on our many years of wisdom in this area, helping you avoid making the same mistakes we have seen so many

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When you see a home for sale, how did the seller arrive at that value? How can we go about pricing our homes well? The answer lies in a human element- not just a computer.

RealEstateSINY.com broker and co-owner Anthony Licciardello discusses with correspondant Hannah Jay the nitty gritty of our custom value platform SI-Dex. We talk about local values and how you must have an in-depth understanding for the right data. Most importantly, transparency from smart real estate agents who are there for your best interests.

A computer might be smart, but simply can't know as much as a realtor who dedicates their life to walking the streets they sell homes on, listening to client needs, and holding their hands throughout the years. Markets change,

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I am sure you have been hearing all about how hot the Staten Island real estate market has become in the last couple of months. If you are considering selling your home, now is the time! The inventory is at an all time low, which means it is rising prices on houses! Since the market is ever fluctuating, there is no proof to tell how long this market will last, or if it will ever happen again. As a New York State licensed realtor, who specializes in Staten Island, I am elated to say that you will reap all the positive benefits of selling in today's market.

According to the Staten Island Board of Realtors:

As of May 2016, Staten Island is in the thick of an exciting period of home buying and selling. These sales include quick multiple offers that

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StreetEasy released data, pinpointing neighborhoods throughout New York City for first-time home buyers. The data gathered is determined from results based on the average age of first-time home buyers (ages 31 to 35 years old) and that age group's median income (ranging $66,738). Using that information, they identified the neighborhoods most viable for first-time home buyers in New York City.

Listed below are the 13 neighborhoods in Staten Island, perfect for first-time home buyers, based on the data from StreetEasy. These neighborhoods are based on sales in 2015, for all types of homes with two bedrooms. The numbers of homes for sale in 2015 are listed next to the neighborhood. 

  1. New Springville - Mid-Island, 36 affordable units 
  2. Arden
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