Is your Home Ready to Sell?

Posted by Anthony Licciardello on Friday, November 22nd, 2013 at 3:03pm.

Camera-Ready HomeWhen selling your home one of the first thing buyers see are the pictures of the house, which could make or break if they want to go look at it. With these eight ideas, you can create a great looking house ready for those pictures to be taken.

  1. Remove clutter: If items aren’t needed or intended to be in the room, or on a table per say, then remove them. If you have some sort of collection—e.g. figurines—make sure you have a nice display area for them and that they are not just placed around.
  2. Make sure to have the right lighting: Lighting is important for many rooms, if you don’t have enough the room could be too dark and look small and if you have too much it may overpower the room. To obtain a good balance of light you would want an equal amount of light coming from above and below. Recessed lighting, or lights that are in the ceiling, and spotlights are a good way to gain the above lighting and can showcase some objects in the room. Putting lights in the corners is a good way to get the below lighting and also helps make a room look bigger. Also by changing the light switches to dimmer switches it helps add a dramatic effect to the room.
  3. Tie the room together: By having different colors, fabrics, and patterns in one room it may look like a mess. But, if you choose one color, fabric, or pattern for a room it looks cleaner and more appealing. Also by adding live flowers or plants, it helps make a room look put together.
  4. Have an attention grabber: Even if you have to splurge a little, having one piece that is different and an attention grabber can make a room look great. By having that piece, people will pay less attention to the other items in the room but will still remember it.
  5. Neutral tones always work: By using neutral tones in a room for the walls and main bigger pieces it keeps the room simple. To add an extra punch to the room, though, you can buy accent pieces, e.g. pillows and vases, in a bold color—but make sure there aren’t too many colors and that they don’t clash.
  6. Small changes can make a big difference:  By changing some small aspects of a room, it can make you feel like you are in a different place. Some ideas of small changes could be changing the knobs on cabinets or painting the trim of a room a different color than white.
  7. The proper use of mirrors in a room: Mirrors are not just put in a room for you to look at yourself, they can also make a room appear different than it actually is. By placing mirrors on walls across from windows it gives the room more light and makes space seem bigger. If you have room for it, you can hang one big mirror on the wall or if you have limited space you can use a bunch of mirrors in different sizes on a wall. Some other ideas to make them blend better with the room is by painting the frames of the mirrors one color to compliment the colors of the room or you can paint the frames the same color as the wall to make them look like they are a part of the wall.
  8. Original artwork makes the room personal: Though we say artwork, it doesn’t actually have to be expensive art that you buy from an art gallery. It can be anything from family photos to children’s drawing to an interesting picture you found by a street artist. Just by framing things properly, you can make your home come alive.

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