Our Targets May Soon Get a New Look!

Posted by on Thursday, April 13th, 2017 at 1:02pm.

If there is one problem that everyone has with Target, it is the urge to overshop! You somehow go in only needing one thing and walk out with a wagon full of items you never knew you needed. While the store’s giant selection is great, when you are working with a budget and zero self-control, you are going to want to stick to your list at hand. Last month, Target announced that it will be redesigning several stores and we think the new layout will help us all out!

Target is a one-stop-shop-all retail store, this even including groceries, which many people forget about. The retail super chain has a fully equipped grocery store section within their locations with a vast selection of food, wines, and fresh produce.

The newly designed Target will have two different entrances, that will adapt to the changes in shoppers’ behaviors: those in a hurry and those willing to browse. One doorway will open into the clothing and accessory section, like both our locations currently do now. The second and new entrance will open directly into the food sections, geared for quick food-focused shopping.

Not only will this new layout help those of us who have trouble ignoring temptation at Target, it will also benefit the somewhat forgotten grocery area in the store. The food section will also receive a bit of an upgrade during these renovations. Along with the normal grocery aisles, Target will also be adding an all new grab-and-go food selection as well as a pick-up service counter, similar to the Amazon Go supermarkets. You will be able to order groceries ahead and then just run in to pick them up.

The new entrance will be close to the grab-and-go food section, the grocery area, and a wine and beer display. The mentality of this layout is for shoppers to only pick up items for a meal and get going quickly. There will also be parking spots near this entrance with a 10-minute  parking minimum.

The first store to open with this new layout will be in Richmond, Texas, this October. It will be a test of the new design. Once it goes successfully, about 600 other stores over the next three years will also be upgraded to include some of these new features listed above. Here’s to hoping the updates come soon to a Target near us!

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