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Looking to get better insight on what Staten Island parks have to offer? Here you will find information on what types of parks exist on Staten Island as well as some background on the history of each park. Additionally, we will highlight some of the amenities and events each has to offer. Staten Island is known as the "Borough of Parks" as it features the highest concentration of New York City Parkland of the five boroughs that make up New York City. The information on local parks is part of's ongoing commitment to give the most comprehensive  information about Staten Island and its amazing features.

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Residents surrounding the area of Freshkills can tell you about the typical summer days filled with the sunshine, birds chirping, and the smell of garbage cooking in the heat. Neighborhoods such as New Springville, Heartland Village, and Travis are situated right near what use to be the world’s largest landfill, housing all of New York City’s collected garage. Now, more than 16 years later since the dump has been closed, local politicians are calling on the city to research and determine if those smells were also dangerous.

Councilman Joe Borelli stated at a conference in May that the odor of a landfill is caused by the particulate matter in the air. He continues to say that if you were smelling the landfill when growing up and living on Staten

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Summer is around the corner! With the end-of-year school dismissal and vacation time rolling around, spend it with your family and friends for some of Staten Island’s free Park events! One of those events being the return of the summer concert series. This free event is all thanks to borough president James Oddo. 

This annual summer concert series will feature many performances. The first day of the concert will be June 29th at Fort Wadsworth.  The name of the concert series is known as the Sunset Summer series. 

It was not just our borough president, but help from the councilmembers Debbi Rose, Steven Matteo, and Joe Borelli who all put this together.  There will be all different types of styles of music. All of the concerts will start 7 pm,

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Tottenville's Conference House Park Pavilion has a $3.7 million dollar renovations in the works, which has had a late delay in starting. The project should be moving forward in construction after the Parks Department finally issued invitations to construction bids.

Located at the end of Hylan Boulevard, the project is to rebuild an existing pavilion at the waterfront. The pavilion has been closed several times and was due to begin construction for a couple of years now.

The Conference House original pavilion was built in 1935. Over the years, the pavilion fell into disrepair and needed replacement. The city rebuilt the pavilion as part of a $14 million park revamp in 2002. By 2011, it was closed to the public after weather damage to the roof and

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Staten Island could be getting its own train track park styled after Manhattan’s High-Line Park if the city does not turn it into a busway first!

The North Shore Branch was a Staten Island Railway route that operated along Staten Island’s North Shore, from St. George to Port Ivory, continuing into New Jersey through the Arthur Kill Vertical Lift Bridge to Cranford Junction. The service on the line began on February 23rd, 1886 and ran until March 31st, 1953 when passenger service ended. By 1989, the freight service ended as well. The railway remains abandoned since.

After 50 years of just sitting in the community unused, the Staten Island Economic Development Corporation (SIEDC) announced a design competition to transform the tracks into a

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This summer, stay busy by exploring our amazing Greenbelt parks and being apart of their events that take place all summer long! Just grab your family and friends and attend one of these scheduled free-admission events:

Movies Under The Stars

  • Jaws @ Detective Russel Timoshenko Soccer Field in Franklin D Roosevelt Boardwalk and Beach on June 17th from 8:00-10:30 pm

  • Shaun The Sheep @ Parking Lot near New Dorp Beach (Great Kills Park) on June 18th from 8:00-9:30 pm

  • Ant-Man @ Willowbrook Park (Archery Range) on June 18th from 8:00-10:00 pm

  • Annie @ Fabor Park on June 23rd from 8:00-10:00 pm

  • Avengers: Age of Ultron @ Willowbrook Park (Archery Range) on June 24th from 8:00-10:00 pm

  • Creed @ CPL Thompson

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Stay busy this summer by visiting and exploring some of our amazing Greenbelt parks. There are many events happening all summer long that are free and active! 

Cleaning and Maintaining Westerleigh Park

Gather every Saturday morning from 9:00am to noon at Westerleigh Park to help in maintaining the beauty of the park with raking, planting, and gardening. There will even be coffee and donuts for the volunteers. 

Independence Day Celebration

Enjoy your Fourth of July for the annual viewing of fireworks displays at the Alice Austen Park. The event begins at 6pm.

Movies in the Park: Jurassic Park

Bring a blanket, or towel, and enjoy this thrilling movie outside under the night sky. This movie will be held at Willowbrook Park from 8:30pm

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Just because you are not going away for Memorial Weekend, does not mean you cannot have fun. There are plenty of things to do on Staten Island to keep you occupied and entertained.

Beachgoers can sunbathe while taking in the view of the Verazzano Bridge by visiting Franklin D. Roosevelt Broadwalk & Beach on Father Capodanno Blvd. The boardwalk offers a senic bike trail or jog. The boardwalk also offers kayaking, tennis, or fishing off of the Ocean Breeze Fishing Pier. There is also a park on the beach that contains chess tables, benches, and bocce courts. 

There will be an annual Memorial Day foot race on the Island's East Shore waterfront.The race starts at 8:30am and their will be more than 1,000 participants for this 4-mile race. They will

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Before the mid-nineteenth century the neighborhood of Huguenot was originally known as Bloomingview.  Huguenot got hp9_400its name from the many Huguenots, members of the Protestant Reformed Church of France that had moved to the area.  The Huguenots were being prosecuted in France for not converting to Catholicism during the mid-to-late seventeenth century, so many of them fled to America.

By 1851, the Huguenots had established and built their first church in Bloomingview, called "The Brown Church" or "The Church of the Huguenots".  The church had caught on fire in 1918 and was rebuilt on the site that it sits on now, in 1924.  Today, this church is a New York City Landmark and is known as The Reformed Church of Huguenot Park.

By the mid-to-late 1800s,

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The neighborhood of Huguenot began to be established in the middle of the seventeenth century.  At this time, the area was known as Bloomingview. Pierre Billiou and his wife Francoise were some of the first Huguenots to settle on Staten Island. Huguenots were people that were a part of the Protestant Reformed Church of France.  At that time, their people were being prosecuted for not converting to Catholicism and those who were lucky enough fled their homeland for America.Kingdom Park, Staten Island

By 1849, there were many Huguenots living in Bloomingview and, thanks to religious freedom, the Church of the Huguenots was established. Just two years later, the church was built and was known as "The Brown Church" or "The Church of the Huguenots".  By 1918, the church had caught on

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The Staten Island neighborhood of Westerleigh became a popular place a couple of decades after the formation of the Prohibition Party in 1869.  Around the late 1880s, twenty-five acres of the current Westerleigh neighborhood became Ingram Woods, Staten Islandhome to the National Prohibition Campground Association, also known as Prohibition Park.  Prohibition Park started off as a campground with some recreational facilities for its visitors.  Soon, people began to settle there instead of having to visit.

In the early twentieth century, the neighborhood of Westerleigh started to become more a residential area.  As a result, the National Prohibition Campground Association started building homes and transferred some of their land to the City of New York.  By the mid-1900s,

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