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Home on Carrol Pl. Staten Island St. GeorgeThe latter half of the nineteenth century saw the popularization of Colonial Revival architecture, which lasted half-way into the next century.  In 1890, Edward A. Sargent constructed a Colonial Revival-style home, at 103 St. Marks Place, for broker Frederick L. Rodewald.  A few years later, in 1894, the home that he had constructed in the Gothic Revival-style at 83 St. Marks Place was extended and altered much, where it became a Colonial Revival-style home.  At the turn of the century, between 1905 and 1906, lumber merchant George W. Allen had four of these types of houses constructed.  Samuel R. Brick, Jr. built the first three, which were located at 29, 31, and 35 St. Marks Place.  The last was designed by Edward A. Sargent and was located at 27 St.

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Home on WesterveltFrom 1880 until the turn of the century, the Shingle Style had become increasingly popular.  These houses were influenced by the English Colonial, which were common from the early seventeenth century up until the middle of the nineteenth century.  From 1886 until 1907, one dozen Shingle Style houses were constructed within the St. George/New Brighton Historic District. The first of these houses, built in the first couple of years for the wealthy banker, Anson Phelps Stokes, were located at 48, 52, and 56 St. Marks Place.  Three more houses were built for the same man in 1890 at 7-8, 9-10, and 11 Phelps Place. These houses were designed by architect Douglas Smyth.

Edward A. Sargent, the well-known architect of whom we spoke earlier, designed a few of

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