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The Renaissance, which roughly translates to "rebirth", began in Florence, Italy during the fourteenth century.  This movement called for a change in the culture of Florence.  The rebirth took advantage of the art, literature, politics, religion, and science.  By the fifteenth century, the art portion had spread to the city's architecture.  This change in architecture was based mostly on symmetry and spread from Florence, to the rest of Italy, and finally to the rest of Europe.  The Renaissance lasted until the early seventeenth century, which brought again a change in the architecture.italianate style Home landmark property New Dorp

By the nineteenth century, a change needed to be made to the symmetrical buildings populating Europe.  In 1802, the first significant change in architecture was

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In 1975, a one-family home was built with a living space of 2160 square feet on 13097 square feet of land.  This home is located on block 2306, lot 115, in the Richmondtown-Lighthouse Hill area of Staten Island, 10306.  This one-family home was publicly recorded as sold for $1,075,000 on 9/2/2005.

Source: New York City Department of Finance home sale data. Property tax assessments in New York City are determined by estimated home values based on reported comparable area home and real estate sales.

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