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In 1896, Midland Beach opened to the public. At the time, a trolley would leave Richmond Road to take you to the beach.  People from Manhattan and New Jersey would often come to the beach in boats which ran directly from said places.  While the main attractions were sunbathing and swimming, Midland Beach had many other features which resulted in it being a very popular summer resort.  Hotels populated most of the area, where people could enjoy Midland Beach's casino, live concerts, vaudeville acts, free movies and connected with the South Beach boardwalk and piers. During the 1920's, many fires broke out, destroying what was once a wonderful summer resort.  In 1935, the two-and-a-half-mile Franklin Delano Roosevelt Boardwalk was built in place of the

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The word "clove" is an Anglicization of the Dutch word "kloven", which translates to "cleft" in English.  Clove Lakes Park was named for the valley and brook which were formed in what is now known as the neighborhood Sunnyside, between Emerson Hill and Grymes Hill.  During the late 1600's and mid-1800's, many dams were built along the brook, forming the various bodies of water within the park. (Photo below © the bridge at Clove Lake)

 Bridge at Clove Lake Park, Staten Island

On September 1, 1923, the city of New York acquired the now nearly 200-acre area of Clove Lakes Park, which at the time had been occupied by four old barns.  The construction of the park, which is surrounded mainly by Slosson Avenue, Victory Boulevard, and Clove Road, began in the 1930's with the addition of what is

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