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The cabinetry is the most prominent and defining feature in any kitchen, which is why you are going to want to choose the right style for your space to make a successful kitchen design. However, finding a style that will fit your needs, desires, and appearance preferences is not an easy task. This week, we are going to break down the basics, offering tips and advice on everything from determining which type of cabinet is right for you and how to maximize the storage while making the open shelving look good!

  1. Start with the basics. You are going to want to begin by determining if your kitchen will include all or some of the four basic types of cabinets: base (which is under the counter), wall mounted, tall and standalone pantries, and specialty
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It is time to cut back on your pantry clutter with a kitchen purge! It is time to make extra room for the freshly-stocked edible essentials and rid of all the crap you just haven’t used, because, let’s be honest, you probably never will. Join us as we say farewell to these ten items in your kitchen that are time to kiss goodbye!

  1. Those open bags of mixed nuts. All those open bags of near-empty almonds, walnuts, and cashews that have not been sealed properly are ready to go! Either toss them or consolidate them and make yourself some trail mix, just as long as they are not stale.
  2. Old Honey Jars. It feels as if that sweet stuff can last forever, but it is time to say goodbye when the lid is difficult to shut or even open. You can try running the
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Kohl’s is one of the only retail stores where savings average at 60%, and you can save even more when you have a coupon. It is beyond us how much you can already save in Kohl’s, but there are ways to expand your extreme couponing at this store.

  1. The best times to shop! Kohl’s has what is called “Shop Power Hour” specials, where you can save an additional 10 to 25% both in the store and online. On Fridays, from 3 PM to close and Saturdays from open to 1 PM, you will notice markdowns. The catch is this only happens a couple of times a month, but it will be advertised, so keep a lookout for this sale! 
  2. Price Tags with a square. If you notice a square in the upper-right corner of the LCD price tag screen, this means that the item has reached the
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With Spring’s weather finally greeting us, we are ready to shed the layers and bring out an attire perfect for this season! If you need to hit the stores and refresh your closet, here are the top 10 tips to use in certain store, or all retailers, while shopping!

  1. Apps to get discounts! Phone apps, like “Retail Me Not”, are like extreme couponing for the digital world. It lists both online and in-store discount codes for all your favorite stores. Always be sure to check the app before you check out!
  2. Take advantage of reward systems! Point systems are the best way to earn money back from your purchases. Consider getting the rewards card for your favorite store, this way every time you shop there, rack up points for a discount or gift card for
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Most of us want our homes to be quiet with little external noise to disturb us and the sound of other people inside are not interfering with our daily routines. To accomplish this, there are certain considerations to keep in mind about the sound environment when choosing or remodeling your home.

If your house is located on a noisy street or next to a highway, you can still create solitude for the house:

  1. Windows. When you are looking for a house to purchase in an area like this, be mindful of a number of windows. Windows are the number one transmitter of sound from outside, even when they are closed. However, thick curtains can keep the sound out!

  2. Exterior. As for the exterior, materials, it is better to choose materials such as

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Saint Patrick’s Day has been around since the early 17th Century in Ireland. The day celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish, with celebrations that involve public parades, festivals, wearing green attire or shamrock, and eating and drinking.

The Staten Island Patrick’s Day parade was two weeks ago and the possibilities of making today’s NYC parade is difficult if you have work or school obligations. However, there is no need to worry! We have the top ten things you can do this Friday whilst enjoying the traditional Irish dish of corned beef and cabbage!

    1. Decorate. Throwing your own party? While you prepare the feast for the celebration, do not forget to begin with a little decoration that will go with the Irish dinner you have prepared.
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The fourteenth does not define your relationship status, but is an enjoyable day for everyone to spread love! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the staff and realtors have put together the Top 10 things they do on Valentine's Day! 

  1. Valentine's Day is like a Box of Chocolate! We agree with Janine LaCerra when she states that it is a must to get chocolates on Valentine's Day! "Valentine's Day was always one of my favorite days, even when I was single. A Valentine's Day has not gone by without a Russell Stover Chocolate heart from my father. No matter how old I get, I'm guaranteed to get that heart from him. And a bonus is, [including my husband] I get two chocolate hearts instead of one. Chocolate is the key to my
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Do you have plans for renovating your own kitchen? The average kitchen renovation runs between $20,000 to $50,000, all depending on how serious you are planning to get. Get more for your buck with these few tips, helping you save money during your kitchen remodels.

  1. Have a Plan! If you are doing a lot more than just repainting and replacing the countertops during your kitchen renovation, then talk to a professional to create a design plan. This will save your time and money in the long run, avoiding expensive errors. Decide on everything you want in the kitchen before gutting the kitchen. One of the biggest mistakes that will affect your budget is picking out your products during the renovations.

  2. Keep the plumbing where it is. Using

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As we enter into 2017, we can also have its interior design trends enter into our homes! Prepare for bright colors, mixed patterns, and textured furniture as we say goodbye to the 2016 trends, and introduce the top ten forecasted home trends for 2017!

  1. The Color of the Year! As always, we will start it off by announcing Pantone’s color of the year which is "Greenery". Do not just limit this color to fashion but exploit it into your home. The color represents refreshment and revitalization, something we could all use.
  2. Mixed Patterns. This look was seen on the New York Fashion Week runway this passing fall. Now, we are seeing it being incorporate into the home space. Add it to your home with simple anchor pieces, like a bed comforter, to not
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Whether this is your first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner, or you have been doing it for years but are looking for new tricks, here are the TOP TEN tips to help you make sure your Turkey celebration is a success! 

  1. Be Prepared for Early Guest! Make sure you have something out for the guest to nibble on when they arrive. For simple appetizers, shoot for make ahead or frozen items that you can pop into the oven right before people arrive. A Cheese and Cracker platter is the next easy option. *ADDITIONAL TIP* Let the cheeses "breathe" for 30 minutes to 1 hour before serving; this enhances the flavors. 
  2. Balance the Sweet and Savory! If you do plan on doing a cheese dish, savory additions will keep the dish balanced. Add olives, roasted nuts, and
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