Top Ten Tips For Creating The Perfect Bedroom Set-Up!

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The key to creating the perfect bedrooms is thinking about the space as a “retreat”. We are always on, making our lives so scheduled and dynamic: from technology, to work life, catering to your children's’ life, to making appointments. Your bedroom should be your place of refuge and peace in your home. Here are the top ten tips to creating this perfect and quiet escape!

  1. Plan for the function: The best place to start always is with functionality. In the bedroom, this means tackling the largest element in the room: the bed and mattress. When purchasing a mattress, there are many factors to consider, such as the size, firmness, and composition. Ideally, pick out the mattress first since this will help you determine an effective headboard. Once the mattress is purchased, the rest of the room’s selection will flow from there. The next step in functionality is the living requirements. Do you need blackout shades, reading lights, a television, type of storage, etc?
  2. Mood and Aesthetic: The goal is to make your bedroom be the place of relaxation and refuge, making it the quiet space within your house. However, “quiet” can mean different things to different people. For some, a refuge only includes soft neutral tones, while others believe it is dark color walls. There is even the possibility you can to recreate the hotel room scheme from your favorite vacation. Whatever the case may be, consider what colors and surroundings will help you relax. From there, you can translate that into a decorative scheme.
  3. Create Balance: The default focal point of the bedroom is the headboard. That being said, you have many options on how you want your headboard to display against the rest of your room. Maybe you will want an incredibly large patterned headboard and then have everything else in the room be really neutral. The flip side is choosing a neutral textural piece for the headboard and have bright colors appear in the bedding or throughout the rest of the room. The ultimate goal is to have all the pieces in the room strike a balance between functionality, color, scale, pattern, and texture.
  4. Mind the gaps: The ideal clearance around the bed should be at least 30 inches; this will provide a comfortable walkway. The best way to ensure the walkway stays clear is to put 30-inch wide nightstands on either side of the bed. This will also provide a good amount of tabletop space and additional storage. Make sure the nightstands are the same heights as the top of your mattress from the floor. Anything higher or lower can make the scale of the nightstands look off from the room and damage that balance you created.
  5. Appropriate lighting: With a bed that is taking up so much space, the best trick is bedroom light fixtures that will draw the eyes from the horizontal plane and add a decorative element. For functionality, install central overhead pendant in every bedroom to make it easy to light the space. However, when choosing bedside lights, the important factor is getting the sizing right. Ideally, a bedside lamp should be at least 28 inches tall. If you are doing hanging lights, the light source should be about 20 to 24 inches off the top of the nightstand. If you are having nightstands on either side of the bed, your light source should also match, placing a lamp or hanging pendant over each nightstand.
  6. Collect bedding: Do you prefer sleeping under a pile of blankets with a mound of pillows, or do you rather go the minimalist route and sleep with just a bottom sheet and a duvet? Once you know what your needs are, we recommend choosing individual pieces from different manufacturers; having a collected feel to your bedding will bring warmth and interest. Different styles can be mixed and matched, allowing you to always change things up if needed!
  7. Putting a rug: If the room is not already filled with carpet, adding a rug in the bedroom will make it feel cozy and warm. A neutral rug that will match the room’s decor can fill the space. Leave a border of 4 or 6 inches between the rug and the walls. If the room is mostly solid colors, this may be your chance to add textures and patterns.
  8. Paint the walls: It is easier to paint over paint than to peel and steam paper off in order to repaper. Therefore, we suggest painting the walls instead of papering them. A bright color on the headboard wall complemented by a softer tone of the same color on the other three walls is always attractive and provides the room more depth.  
  9. Bring on the bed decor: When creating a cozy bedroom, you can never have too many throws. WIth an assortment of textured throw blankets in soft neutrals, your room will never look so good! And what is cozier than a huge pile of fluffy pillows? Mix and match! Start with European style pillows by the headboard, followed by your sleeping pillows, square decor pillows, to finalize the setup with a small rectangle or circular pillow.
  10. Incorporate vintage finds: nothing will make your bedroom feel more like yours than your favorite piece from an antique shop or an old family hand-me-down. It will bring the nostalgic look and homey feel, completing your relaxing decor and bedroom retreat!

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