Top Ten Tips On Saving Money When Shopping At Kohl’s

Posted by on Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 at 9:55am.

Kohl’s is one of the only retail stores where savings average at 60%, and you can save even more when you have a coupon. It is beyond us how much you can already save in Kohl’s, but there are ways to expand your extreme couponing at this store.

  1. The best times to shop! Kohl’s has what is called “Shop Power Hour” specials, where you can save an additional 10 to 25% both in the store and online. On Fridays, from 3 PM to close and Saturdays from open to 1 PM, you will notice markdowns. The catch is this only happens a couple of times a month, but it will be advertised, so keep a lookout for this sale! 
  2. Price Tags with a square. If you notice a square in the upper-right corner of the LCD price tag screen, this means that the item has reached the lowest price of the season. In other words, the price of this item will not drop again, unless it goes on clearance.
  3. Decode Kohl’s Price Codes! Just like Costco, Kohl’s has a coding system, helping you track markdowns. You will notice these codes in the upper-right hand corner of the electronic price screen: BB=Bonus Buy, BGH= Buy One, Get One-Half Off, PP =Product Placement; the sale price is fixed and not a percent discount, S=Sale; this item will be on sale for 1-2 weeks.
  4. Get rewarded when prices drop after your purchase! If an item you bought goes on sale within 14 days of your purchase, you can go to the store and show them your original receipt and proof that the item is now reduced from the final price you paid. This trick does not work for clearance or BOGO markdowns though.
  5. Kohls Online Coupons! Never place an order on without a coupon! Kohls allows you to use up to four coupon codes in one purchase. This means you can use one sitewide percent-off coupon code, a department specific/percentage off/dollar off coupon code, Kohl’s rewards codes, and a free shipping code.
  6. Kohl’s Rewards Card! Sign up for the Kohl’s “Yes2YouRewards”. You can do this in the store, online, or in the app. When you pay, just show your rewards card and you get a point for every dollar you spend and $5 for every 100 points. Basically, you will get 5% cash back. You will also receive bonus points and special offers throughout the year. Be sure to give your birthday when signing up to get the birthday discount!
  7. Do not buy electronics or shoes! Kohl's has a list of products that are not eligible for promotional offers or coupons. This list includes brands such as Nike, Keurig, and NurtiBullet.
  8. Best things to buy at Kohls! Apparel and kitchen appliances are some of the best deals.
  9. Save ever more with mail rebates! Kohl’s has a mail-in rebate that can get you $40 to $50 in savings. Rebate offers can include prepaid Visa cards, cash back, valuable credits towards future purchases, and more!
  10. Coupons can be redeemed on clearance items! Kohl’s clearance prices are 60 to 90% off regular price. Do not just settle for these percentage off when you can also use a 30% off coupon on top of the price for additional savings!

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