Client Testimonials

"When it came to sell my home, your presentation was simply unmatched by anyone we interviewed. Ultimately, you delivered the results as promised. Simply amazing." -- Melanie Selwin

"It was more than just your ability to market our home, which was something to see-it was the professionalism you displayed throughout the process." -- Mike Fagen

'How did they do that?' I repeated that to my husband several times after your presentation. Simply, no one else offered what you did, period. The choice was simple." -- Suzie Kwock

"After looking at how other listings were photographed, we came across your listings. The quality and care you took in photographing the homes you listed prior to mine was a big factor in our decision. It just demonstrated your commitment to putting our home's best foot forward." -- K. Thomas

"My husband and I found our home though the public relations format used on a blog, I don't believe we would have found or known about this home, because we were unaware of the location and the benefits the home had to offer. It certainly wouldn't have come from a traditional listing you typically find." -- Loraine Jacob

"Simply genius, what else is left to say? (On listing presentation.)" -- H. Greenfield

"Personal attention and knowledge was key for us in choosing our real estate agent. Having a columnist who is featured nationwide working to sell my home on top of that, was just the icing on the cake." -- Keenan Family

"Having 75 people at an open house based on a blog post, and 11 offers in 5 days. You certainly know how to create a buzz in this market." -- Sylvia Conner

"Me and my wife were looking for a new construction on an easy to navigate Staten Island REALTOR® website. It seemed impossible until we saw your company's. It went beyond that, and Stacy from your real estate office was great. We bought a new construction home in Huguenot and could not be happier." -- Frank Scaltralo

"I was looking for a home in the Clove Lakes and Silver Lake area of Staten Island because my husband and I love to Jog. Moving from Brooklyn to Staten Island is a bit of a transition but your office and staff were simply amazing in helping us find a home. Not to mention, you have the best real estate website on Staten Island by far... Maybe even New York City! Thank You." -- Jennifer Paldatto

"When it came to selling my house it was amazing to see how well you and your team of Realtors performed. The public relations campaign you did on our home is simply amazing and in today's real estate market we felt you and your company went beyond the scope of what other local real estate companies were doing... You all were way ahead of the curve." -- Anthony Tosi

"When it came to selling my house it was amazing to see how well you and your team of Realtors performed. The public relations campaign you did on our home is simply amazing and in today's real estate market we felt you and your company went beyond the scope of what other local real estate companies were doing... You all were way ahead of the curve." -- Amy Serra

"When it came to selling my house I needed a Staten Island company that showed me something other companies couldn't. I wasn't quite sure what that something was until i worked with your real estate company. I was so impressed it left my wife and me literally awed with what your company could do. We feel you have made a profound difference in time it took to get our home sold. Recommending your real estate agency is something that will come with ease." -- Sam Hassleman

"I needed a market value of my home, we interviewed several REALTORS® and clearly your real estate company's marketing was superior to anything we were seeing. Many real estate companies told us how many websites online they would put my home, but none could demonstrate how my home would be viewed when a potential buyer saw it. Your company's commanding presence over your marketing was the difference maker in our mind." -- Kelly Stanzione

"Finding a home for sale on Staten Island was not as easy as we hoped. We bounced around from website to website with listings scattered all over the place. There were real estate listings that were featured with 60 different agents' names and when we made one inquiry we would have about 5 real estate agents harass us for days about what homes we wanted to see. The simplicity of finding a home with the entire process being handled by one office and one REALTOR® was truly refreshing. You have an amazing company, one that I'm sure will be the best on Staten Island. Thank you for your help and assistance." -- Stephanie McNamara - Oliva

"When we called for a free home value market analysis of our home in Staten Island, we weren't sure what Staten Island real estate company to go with. We saw your company online and it seemed like it was everywhere we looked. We were amazed and felt if so many buyers use online to find a home, it made sense to work with a local company that had this resource. And you were it." -- Theresa Ann Matola

"While looking at homes for sale on Staten Island I came across your website. It was a great that I was able to see MLS listings without having to worry about ads and other clutter. It really didn't stop there, as Annmarie was a great agent and now a friend." -- Sandy Moscotto

"When it came to selling my home in Tottenville, we interviewed 6 REALTORS® from around Staten Island to see what they offered. Yes, the technology you used was great, but it was the education you provided us that made the difference. You were a great choice. Thank you so much." -- Melanie Selwin

"We were in danger of bank foreclosure of our home on Staten Island. When we sought options on what to do, Anthony advised us of the short sale process. His guidance gave us a fresh start in building our financial future. It was a scary time for us and you and your team came through." -- Kerry Ciadello

"We looked around for a short sale specialist on Staten Island when we found Irena Popilevski. We decided to call her to give us guidance on how we could avoid bank foreclosure of our home. It was the best move we made in this difficult time. My husband and I cannot thank her enough for overseeing the short sale process of our house." -- Marguerite Radlofski

"I was trying to find foreclosure properties and bank owned homes for sale on Staten Island for an investment. I bought lists and spent money trying to get an inside track on what bank owned homes would turn up on the market. No luck, at least not until I met Dorene Marino, who was able to assist in my first bank owned property purchase." -- Mike Santangelo

"After getting a lis pendens notice from our bank, we became troubled about what to do next. Do we pursue a short sale of our home or give up title by deed in lieu of foreclosure? My wife and I didn't know where to turn. Working with Irena was great-she was not only compassionate, but also in touch with us throughout the process. I highly recommend her." -- Richard Destefano

"My wife and I tried to sell our home on Staten Island for sale by owner, then by flat fee MLS. We got so many calls from REALTORS® who insisted on listing our home, all with promises. We went with because their marketing was clearly superior to anything else we saw." -- Edward Coyle

"We tried selling our home on our own. We listed our home on several real estate for sale by owner websites, until one day we had an open house. The people went through and we became nervous about who we were dealing with. Fortunately, we found Kerry Debellis and she was great in guiding us through the entire sale." -- Jenn Pella

"When I was looking for information on Staten Island real estate and how much I could sell my home for, I found as a useful resource. Their listing maps, and customer service was simply great. They come highly recommended." -- Susan Britton

"If I were to rate a real estate company on Staten Island, I give this office 5 out of 5 stars. I sold my home through Valerie Bartolone, a real estate agent at your company, and she comes with the highest recommendations. We are so pleased with her work effort." -- Donna S.

"When the REALTOR® who visited my home to give a home value estimate of what my house would sell for, I noticed you have a form that allows us to give our agent a rating. We sold several homes on Staten Island and we had yet to see a company take such pride in delivering quality customer service." -- Rose D.

"I lived in Brooklyn and needed to know what my commute times were from different neighborhoods on Staten Island. We met with Samma, a REALTOR® at your company, and she knew all we needed in finding the right location for my family and me." -- John Pinnero

"Your real estate company is simply the best on Staten Island. Me and my husband were looking for new construction homes at first and, with your guidance, we found the home of our dreams. Cynthia was an amazing REALTOR®." -- Natalie N

"My husband and I couldn't decide if we would sell our home for sale by owner. We felt our four bedroom home was unique and having the best marketing was important. You easily proved that your real estate company was the best." -- J. LeFemina

"My home was in the process of foreclosure and we just assumed we had to move on. We didn't even know what a short sale was until your office presented us with all the options. We have completed the process and couldn't be happier." -- Lisa C

"If anyone asked what Staten Island real estate company was the best in marketing a home, your company is the best. Your marketing was simply amazing and definitely helped in getting the most value for my home." -- Eric Ruggierio

'After trying to sell my home by owner with no luck, a friend recommended a real estate company on Staten Island-it was yours. You simply have the best real estate agents with impeccable knowledge and compassion, and I can't thank you enough for selling our home." -- Angela LoBossio