Mariners Harbor Homes For Sale

Mariners Harbor homes are heritage dreams. With most houses built in 1939 or before, these homes exude character and curb appeal. Of course, Mariners Harbor real estate is also diverse; recent models are available as well as townhouses and duplexes.

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Mariners Harbor Homes For Sale in Staten Island, NY

Mariners Harbor Real Estate

Bordered by the Staten Island Expressway, Forest Avenue, and Wilcox Street to the south and Morningstar Road to the east, Mariners Harbor is a waterfront neighborhood named for the shipbuilding activities that used to take place here in the first half of the nineteenth century.

Mariners Harbor real estate is a great investment, given the influx of new business it has experienced in the last decade or so. Many Mariners Harbor homes are affordable, providing opportunity for those with modest budgets.

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