Staten Island Investment Property

Multi-family homes are a fantastic means of owning investment property in Staten Island. Ranging from three-plexes and four-plexes to entire sky high apartment buildings, this form of investment property has been developed as income-generating property. Build your assets and improve monthly cashflow with a high-quality investment property in Staten Island, NY.

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Staten Island Multi-Family Homes & Investment Property

Multi-Family Homes As Investment Properties

There are numerous advantages to choosing multi-family homes over single-family homes as a real estate investment, including higher cash flow revenues, lower risk of financial stress if a tenant leaves, and discounted property manager rates, if one is desired.

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Multi-family homes do quite well as investment properties in Staten island because of three primary factors:

  1. Multi-family homes tend to be located close to major community amenities and shopping, making them more desirable for tenants
  2. Multi-family homes allow for lower overall rents, which in turn makes the tenant pool much larger
  3. Multi-family homes usually generate more monthly cash flow than single-family alternatives

We have worked with many real estate investors and can help our buyers find the best possible investment homes. Whether you're looking to live in a gorgeous home with a rented basement suite or want an investment-friendly apartment building, will assist you with discovering the right opportunity for you.

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