Top Reasons To Live In Staten Island

Staten Island is a fantastic place to live and there are numerous perks to calling this borough home. Below we outline some (but certainly not all!) of the top reasons to live in Staten Island, NY.

  • Natural Protected Parks: More than one third of Staten Island is protected environmental land, preserved as public parks and scenic lookouts. As a result, Staten Island is absolutely beautiful and a romantic bench is never far off.

  • Less Expensive Living: For those looking to live in the New York area without the New York Price tag, Staten Island may be the solution. The cost of living in Staten Island is lower than the surrounding boroughs, which means your hard earn money goes further.

  • Safe Streets: Staten Island has one of the highest police-to-person ratios in the nation, resulting in some of the safest streets around. Crime rates are significantly lower than the New York and American averages.

  • Gorgeous Homes & Architecture: Staten Island boasts a whole collection of impressive architecture, including magnificent Greek Revival, Queen Anne, Victorian, Second Empire and Colonial styles.

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  • Diverse Population: The people are part of what make any community and Staten Island is no different. Numerous cultures and backgrounds come together in Staten Island, making the borough more interesting and cultural vibrant.

  • Fantastic Food & Restaurants: If you're looking for mouth-watering restaurants, "old school" Italian food and some of the best local bakeries in the state, you can't go wrong with Staten Island. The community is a fabulous place to explore flavors from all over the world.

  • Talented Local Musicians: Homegrown live music can be found in Staten Island's medley of bars and restaurants, making evenings and weekends full of talented entertainment. Keith Richards, Wu Tang Clan, Christina Aguilera and Gene Simmons are just a few of the famous artists and musicians who have lived in Staten Island.

  • Beautiful Beaches: From sunrise to sunset, Staten Island residents benefit from beautiful beaches and breathtaking ocean views. These inspiring surroundings are always nearby when you're on the island.

  • Staten Island Ferry: This free ferry transports over 20 million passengers a year and is easily the best form of transportation between Staten Island and lower Manhattan. It's highly reliable and offers visitors and daily commuters a stunning view of New York Harbor.

These are just a few of the things that make our community a fantastic place to live. Learn about Staten Island neighborhoods, explore real estate listings or call (718) 966-9669 to find out more about life in Staten Island, NY!