Staten Island Co-Ops For Sale: Affordable Apartments

Staten Island co-op apartments present the unique opportunity to participate in the collective ownership of some of New York's finest real estate. Like any form of real estate, co-op real estate varies greatly to include everything from affordable starter units to well-priced but exquisite luxury homes.

Members of co-ops work together towards common goals, keeping buildings fees and costs as inexpensive as possible while providing the co-op with an enjoyable place to live. Co-ops are non-profit organizations and can be found in nearly every neighborhood in Staten Island.

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Cooperative Apartments in Staten Island

What Is A Staten Island Co-Op?

The concept behind co-op ownership is a bit different than with traditional home ownership. Traditional condos allow home owners to buy a specific property at a specific price, and then own that particular unit of the building. In a co-op, a buyer is essentially purchasing shares of ownership for the entire building and is then given a specific unit to live in. The size of the unit is usually directly correlated to the number of shares, or "price" that the owner is expected to contribute to the co-operative.

Advantages Of A Co-Op Apartment:

  • Low tenant & neighbor turn-over
  • New tenants must be approved by the co-op board
  • Little or no maintenance required
  • Less expensive annual fees than condos
  • Rent increases are less likely to occur
  • Safer, more secure & less vandalism
  • Strong sense of community amongst members
  • Easier to get services from local businesses & governments
  • Stricter rules for sublets protects apartments

Additional perks are often included in co-op buildings, each of which vary depending on the membership that owns it. Food programs, store discounts and shared amenities can all be found with Staten Island co-ops. can connect you with the best Staten Island co-op apartments. Call us at 718-966-9669 or message us online to connect with one of our experienced co-op agents today!