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The investment property experts at can help you find phenomneal Staten Island fiveplex opportunities. Conveniently maintain and manage five units on one piece of property with these unique housing developments.

Fiveplex real estate is essentially any piece of real estate with five separate living units, each with their own kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and entrance. Staten Island fiveplexes allow up to five people to live comfortably on one property, making it especially easy for landlords to oversee.

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About Staten Island Fiveplex Real Estate

Fiveplex real estate tends to mimick the appearance of large single-family homes or duplexes, which can make them difficult to spot. This maintains an attractive home appearance and helps ensure privacy for the residents. Fiveplex designs can be highly innovative, resulting in gorgeous living spaces perfect for modern families.

Fiveplex real estate allows property owners the convenience of generating five separate incomes from one spot. Maintenance, inspections and rent collections can all be scheduled on the same time, which can save a significant amount of time and make fiveplex maintenance efficient.

Fiveplexes and other large multi-family houses tend to require more maintenance and short-term investment than properties with fewer units. However, they are stronger physical assets and accrue land and property value a lot better, usually generating the majority of their profit during resale. As a result, Staten Island fiveplexes are generally purchased as a longer term investment strategy.

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Staten Island fiveplexes are a great opportunity to generate monthly income and build assets. Talk to the experts at to learn more!