Staten Island Fourplex Real Estate

When you take a look at Staten Island fourplex real estate, you're likely to discover a wealth of investment opportunity. That's because fourplexes are some of the best income-generating properties in Staten Island, allowing property owners to simultaneously lease up to four units in one building.

Each Staten Island fourplex for sales offers the potential to generate monthly income. When financed well, this income can cover most or all of the mortgage on the property, leaving the fourplex owner with a valuable, tangible asset.

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Chances are, you've seen fourplexes in Staten Island thousands of times and never even noticed. That's because these properties tend to look like duplexes or large single-family homes, on first glance, requiring a skilled eye to spot the houses for what they really are.

The homes themselves are usually stacked, with two living spaces on the bottom floor and two on the top. The most common fourplex design features two visible entrances at the front of the house, and another two hidden entrance ways at the side or back.

Like any investment property, not every fourplex in Staten Island is created equal. Location, age, condition and amenities are just a few of the features that can differ greatly between fourplexes and must be considered during the purchase process. That's why we recommend working with an experienced real estate agents and carefully evaluating the realistic potential of each property.

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