Staten Island Triplex Homes

When you're ready to seriously invest in real estate, take a look at Staten Island triplex homes. These three-family dwellings come a variety of shapes and sizes, and offer fantastic potential. Although Staten Island triplex opportunities are less common than duplexes, they tend to have improved income generating power and are a great means to build wealth. With three separate homes under one roof, triplexes also boast some of the most creative and ingenious living and design solutions.

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Staten Island Triplex Real Estate Listings

Explore Staten Island Triplexes

Chances are, you've seen a lot of triplexes and, most of the time, probably didn't realize they were triplexes. Staten Island triplexes tend to follow one of two design styles:

  1. Side-by-side in rows, separated by a solid safety wall and sound barrier
  2. Stacked on top of one another, separated by floors

While some row-houses have an obvious multi-family appearance, many triplex homes look like large single-family homes and can easily blend into their surroundings. Entrance ways can often be found in the front, back or side of the house, which aren't always visible from the street. These hidden entrances further enhance the single-family house appearance and the privacy of the units.


With three separate homes on one property, Staten Island triplexes make it easy for real estate investors to maintain multiple sources of income at once. Triplex investors tend to appreciate that repairs and inspections can often be planned on the same day, saving valuable time and energy.

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