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Providing you with attractive yet affordable homes, Aberdeen is located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. This is one of the most charming and volunteer-centered neighborhoods in all of Northern Jersey with lovely markets, safe playgrounds, inviting restaurants, and attractive homes.

The township is within the Raritan Valley, making it part of the New York metropolitan area. Landmarks include St. Machar's Cathedral, Pitmedden Garden & Museum of Farming Life.

The Bayshore Regional strategic plan is an organization led by 9 Districts in the northern part of Monmouth County. This group works to rejuvenate Aberdeen’s traditional downtown areas, natural environment, marine history and suburban neighborhoods.

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Origin and History of Aberdeen

This peaceful town was settled by the Lenni Lenape Native Americans in the year 1000. During their time in New Jersey, the Lenni Lenape natives developed a farming society consisting of small traditional villages. When European settlements formed in the 1650s, the Lenni Lenape began to retreat Westward in the late 17th century.  This part of New Jersey was taken in by the Netherlands and was sustained for a short period of time, but soon the Dutch left this particular area. 

The charming town’s name is derived from “ New Aberdeen,” a settlement established by the Quakers in the 1680s. These people were Presbyterians fleeing Scotland to avoid religious persecution from their government. At this time there was a great immigration of Scottish people fleeing their own religious persecution. 

In later years 100 acres of land were granted to 24 Scottish settlers during this time of immigration. These 24 men purchased an abundance of land on Matawan Creek, being ideally located for shipping resources to the township. Today this area is known as Mount Pleasant and is used to ship goods for the production of the Middletown Township.

Location and legal history of Aberdeen

Residents of the previously named Matawan Township decided to change the name on November 8th, 1977 in hopes of creating a community identity for the Matawan Borough. All the residents voted to name their town Aberdeen township, believing the name would draw attention from outsiders as it would be listed first alphabetically among New Jersey’s residences.

The total population of Aberdeen is 17000 including three postal ZIP codes: 07721, 07735, and 07747. Today, Aberdeen is a quiet suburban township of 5.4 square miles. The town has a light industry, many shopping centers and residential living. In Aberdeen we have a couple of beautiful neighborhoods such as Cliffwood, Cliffwood Beach, Freneau, Oakshade, River Gardens, Strathmore, Santa Fe Junction, and Woodfield.

Energy and lifestyle in Aberdeen

This charismatic town of Aberdeen is full of kind driven people. The people of Aberdeen serve their Township with two volunteer fire groups, a chemical company and the Aberdeen township house.  

Aberdeen’s First Aid Rescue Squad was established in 1954, tending to the emergency medical needs of its people. The township’s South Aberdeen Emergency Medical Service was organized in 1970. As promised, the people here are fully dedicated and faithful to this beautifully manicured town. The Aberdeen Police Department was established in 1935.

Aberdeen Geography

This lovely township is full of scenic coast lines, quiet streets, and rocky hills. Aberdeen as a whole consists of 7.77 square miles, including 5.45 square miles of land and 2.33 square miles of water. This Township is broken into two non-contiguous sections, with a small wedge-shaped exclave on the township's southwest corner existing right on the opposite side of Route 79. 

This Township is bordered by Hazlet Township, Holmdel Township, Keansburg Township, Keyport Township, Marlboro Township and Marwan Township, all existing within Monmouth County. In addition, this borough has quick and easy access to Staten Island and New York City by car and public transit.

Accessibility of transportation

Being that Aberdeen township is in the heart of New Jersey, there are many convenient modes of transportation. The Garden State Parkway is the largest highway along Aberdeen and is accessed southbound by exit 118. Along the southern part of Aberdeen you will find Route 34, and along the northern section Route 35.

If you don’t drive, fear not- New Jersey Transit provides bus transportation between the town of Aberdeen and beyond. Bus stops are found along the 133 route as well as the 817 route. New Jersey Transit will get you in and around Aberdeen and New Jersey as well as Midtown Manhattan. The Aberdeen Matawan station is located near the NJ Transit North Jersey coast line, giving you easy access to New York Penn Station northbound and Bay Head to the south.

Aberdeen Schools and Education

Aberdeen township is full of families, offering six public schools. Aberdeen has one preschool, three elementary schools (one being grades four through five and two being K through three), one Middle School and one High School. In total, Aberdeen has 3827 students and 324 classroom teachers. The student-teacher ratio is 11 to 1.

To locate or contact Aberdeen's Central offices for education you can find them at 1 Crest Way, in Aberdeen. The Board of Education consists of nine members and is allocated based on the population of the area, with 6 assigned to Aberdeen township.