Anthony Licciardello, NYS/NJ Licensed Real Estate Broker/Owner

Prior to being owner of Prodigy Real Estate, Mr. Licciardello worked at two Staten Island real estate brokerages where he was a Top Producing and award-winning REALTOR®. from 2006-2010. In 2011 created the first DotCom brokerages in New York City, then rebranding to the companies name to Prodigy Real Estate in 2019. He was responsible for generating over 5000 real estate transactions to date over a 16 year career in both New York and New Jersey. He was also was the broker for the largest residential home sale in Staten Island History at 4.4 Million Dollars on Niclolsi Drive in Staten Island's Southeast Annadale Neighborhood. Also brokering the sale of a Far Hills, New Jersey Mansion in 2022 for a record 2.4 Millon Dollars. Widely regarded as an innovator in the industry, Mr. Licciardello, created one of the largest digital marketplaces in local real estate, currently attracting over a quarter million views a month across multiple channels. Including one of the largest Youtube channels in the metro New York/New Jersey Market. The office also operates Prodigy Real Estate of New York & New Jersey and well Prodigy Real Estate pages on Facebook, we also have one of the regions largest following with over 10,000 people. His dedicated staff of Public Relations staff operate New York to New Jersey and Florida Real Estate, which currently has over 4500 active members and counting. 

In 2010, Mr. Licciadello was recognized as the top Blogger in the country, and this was the second straight year he reached this achievement. As a top blog columnist, his articles on buying and selling homes were featured across the country on Additionally, he was featured in major publications around New York City, including the New York Times, A.M. New York, The Real Deal, and nationally on

Mr. Licciardello served as the Director of Community Affairs in Michael Bloomberg administration. Having a strong background knowledge of Staten Island’s communities, he was appointed to Staten Island’s Growth Management Task Force. This task force was charged with making recommendations on zoning and land use, improving sustainability, and the appropriate growth of Staten Island communities.

The formation of Prodigy Real Estate as a company:

When it comes to forming a brokerage, there are many factors one must consider in such a challenging real estate marketplace. Over the last four years, it was imperative that if we were to remain relevant to what the real estate market has become, technology needed to be a significant part of our repertoire. Now 90% of the real estate market is online and it’s growing. Through research and development, along with top vendors, we created one of the most sophisticated real estate Internet presences found locally.

As REALTORS®, we handle our business and clients with compassion, and we understand that this is most likely one of the largest investment decisions you'll ever have to make. We understand that technology is a great tool in our industry, but it doesn’t come as a replacement to personalized attention and care for the process of buying or selling a home. Think of our company as bringing you the best of both worlds.

We look forward to serving all your real estate needs.

Office Location: 288 Nelson Ave, Staten Island

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