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Living Room/Din Room 6 over 5 2 family New DorpIf you're in the market for a home that provides a considerable amount of income from a two or three bedroom apartment with a location and price that is unmatched in its price segment… This is your home.

This impeccably maintained home has great features like hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, updated exterior and manicured landscaping. There is also a full finished basement with private access from both apartments, which is a very rare convenience. So, even if you decide to rent the first floor 2 bedroom apartment, you can have full private entry from the larger second floor 3 bedroom unit. It is truly a rare opportunity.

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By the end of the nineteenth century, golf courses were becoming popular in New York City. This led to the creation of many country clubs during the first third of the twentieth century. During the late 1920s, the Mayflower Country Club was established. With the designs of respected architect Alfred T. Hull, the privately-owned country club had a 147-acre golf course constructed in 1928 on Staten Island's south shore.


The Mayflower Country Club had many plans for recreational facilities, including tennis courts and an indoor swimming pool, but the stock market crash of 1929 prevented these plans from seeing fruition.  By the middle of 1930, however, Frank B. Sterner & Co. began to construct the country club's clubhouse at a price of roughly $200,000.…

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Staten Island was very popular during the nineteenth century for two reasons: its arable land and its summer resorts. People would often swim and fish in the Island's various bodies of water. During the winter, residents would harvest ice from these ponds and lakes. One of the most popular bodies of water was Fresh Pond. This pond was often used for the above recreational activities, as well as for boating and ice skating. By 1850, the names "Fresh Pond" and "Silver Lake" were interchangeably used when referring to the lake. By 1860, locals finally began to refer to the park as solely "Silver Lake".

At the turn of the century, the population of Staten Island began to grow, and more houses were beginning to be built in place of the hotels that…

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Every town has a tale to tell.  Looking at all of the towns Staten Island is made up of, you can probably guess that Staten Island has many tales to tell. You'd be right.  One of these tales circulates along the waters of Brady's Pond, in thGrasmere Lake?Brady's Ponde Grasmere section, is the only freshwater pond on Staten Island that has been deemed suitable for swimming. Prior to this, however, Brady's Pond was popular for another reason-it was believed to be haunted. In fact, it was not a pond at all and went by a completely different name at the time: Haunted Swamp.

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At some point in the early nineteenth century, a murder was committed by the edge of the pond. This led to the claim of the pond being haunted. During the 1880s, the owner of the…

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