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Allison Pond Park is a nine-acre piece of land that was named in honor of George William Allison. The park encompasses Allison Pond, as well as a brook that runs throughout the park. Allison Pond Park is in the neighborhood of Randall Manor and is bordered by Prospect Avenue, North Randall Avenue, and Brentwood Avenue.  The New York CWinter on Allison Pond, Randall Manority Department of Parks and Recreation acquired this land in 1943, after having been transferred from the City of New York. The park is locateded in the Randall Manor neighborhood on Staten Island's North Shore.


Allison Pond Park was originally part of Sailors' Snug Harbor. Sailors' Snug Harbor was formed through Captain Robert Richard Randall's will in 1801. In his will, Robert distributed his estate to go to members…

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Barrett Triangle is a small triangular island bordered by Richmond Terrace, Bay Street, and Borough Place in the St. George neighborhood. It is home to the Major Clarence T. Barrett Memorial, along with some benches and a drinking fountain, which is no longer usable due to the relocation of the memorial.

 The Barrett family was one of the most prominent families on Staten Island. Major Barrett studied landscape architecture until the Civil War began when he enlisted for voluntary military duty. He worked his way up the ranks and became Major after the Union siege of Mobile, Alabama. He was also involved in the battle at Richmond, Virginia, which marked the end of the War. After the War, he returned to Staten Island to continue his work in landscape…

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Sunset Hill is a true Staten Island "neighborhood", not just a geographic designation on a map.  There are many characteristics that support this view of my neighborhood and its environs that make it unque and a place to savor as a place to live.

Starting with the general ambiance and physical characteristics, I would cite the individuality and unique architecture of its mostly single family detached houses.  They are a mix of restored previous generation post World War II homes interspersed with those that have been enlarged and modernized. The streets are tree lined and uncrowded, giving the area a serene, uncluttered quality. It is also a neighborhood where people are still truly neighbors in the truest sense of the word and people greet each other…

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We have written about this house a few times now, but it seems nobody has grasped just how wonderful it is. A few months ago, we informed you of a price reduction on 44 Comfort Court, making is $639,000. It must not have been correctly updated to the website, though, since nobody could see how much of a bargain that was. Well now, the price has been reduced to $599,000. If there's anything better than a bargain, this is it.

You've heard the story: it's a Side-Hall Colonial in the neighborhood of Huguenot. Perhaps we didn't emphasize the grandness of this house, though. 44 Comfort Court is located on a private cul-de-sac, just off of Amboy Road.  The location of the house is possibly as wonderful as the house, itself.  You're right by a number of places…

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Must come view this breathtaking CUSTOM BUILT contemporary home on a gorgeous TOTTENVILLE street. 4/5 bedrooms with 3 levels and a finished basement. 3rd level is a tremendous master bedroom suite complete with woodburning fireplace, skylites, sitting area, walk in closet and spa bathroom. Basement has a seperate entrance with a full one bedroom apartment. All wood floors, granite counters and 3 full baths and 1 half bath. Located down the block from the conference house park!!! Dont miss out! Asking $600's

248 Connecticut Street

For questions, contact Kerry DeBellis 347-234-7408

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Many centuries ago, it was very difficult to show your faith in a different religion, as the prominent religion was Roman Catholicism. Throughout Europe it was especially so, and in France there were many Wars of Religion which LaTourette Golf Course in Winterbroke out. These wars began on August 23, 1572, a day which later came to be known as the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre. On this day, Roman Catholic leaders had 3,000 men, women and children slaughtered in just three days for the sole fact that they were Protestants. The wars lasted until the end of the century, at which point Henry IV, a Huguenot himself, issued the Edict of Nantes, a law which granted Huguenots civil rights. On May 14, 1610, Henry IV was assassinated and the Protestants again feared for their lives.

By 1643,…

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