If you have a front yard, you are going to want to make it stand out and look good every season. Here are some tips to follow by to help you put together your Front Yard Garden. 

  • Use containers that can be moved so you can plant according to season: tulips in spring, daisies in summer, mums in fall, and evergreen in the winter.
  • Create a gravel path with a stone walkway. It will help you maneuver around as well as giving your garden the extra focal points.
  • Include lighting. If your walkway to your house appears dark, it will feel unwelcoming. Try solar panel lighting to brighten up your walkway at night and to give it some appeal.
  • Be sure to plan your landscape so that it can be enjoyed in all angles.
  • If the space allows it, add a sitting…

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With Earth Day approaching, we are providing tips to help make your house environmentally friendly and help lower the cost of your bills! Just by changing and installing a few things, you can make a BIG difference!

  • Install motion sensor light switches or dimmer switches. Just dimming the light will more than doubles the bulb’s life span. Use Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) bulbs; they use about one-fifth less electric power and last eight times longer.
  • Getting indoor plants will help clean your air. You can begin an indoor herb garden in your kitchen (a popular recommandation from TrendingSINY.com's Top Ten List!), or just have flower and/or greenery plants around your home. 
  • If you can, opt for a gas stove instead of an electric stove. It is…

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With the looming ghost of Hurricane Sandy overhead, it’s difficult to ascertain how much this March’s housing statistics have actually improved in comparison to last year. 

Monthly sales increased fifteen percent from last month, a hopeful sign of a steady spring and summer season. 

Home Sales on Staten Island for March 2014Mortgage rates have seesawed back and forth in March but have remained relatively stagnant.  Fortunately, sales have gone up fifteen percent from the month before, with 223 homes sold in March.  When compared to last year (pre-Sandy) the numbers are seemingly on track for a strong spring/summer sales period, although difficult to accurately compare with this exact time last year due to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. 

The average cumulative number of days that homes…

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You may think a condo is significant enough for you – or you may think a house is better to buy now than until wait later. We have constructed a list of questions you should consider before purchasing either one.

  • First thing you should consider is the location you want to move to. Are both options available in the location you desire?
  • Is privacy an important thing to you or do you not mind being close to neighbors? - If you prefer to be to yourself and avoid neighbors, a house maybe the better decision for you. 
  • Do you want full responsibility of the decisions you do for your house? Do you have the time to keep up with the maintenance? Do you find yourself away more than being home? - If you already know you barely have time to do your chores,…

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