Just because you are moving out, does not allow you let your house go. It is probably the most important now to keep up with your chores and house’s appearance since you are going to want it to look welcoming and ready to buy!

  • The lawn: The first thing buyers are going to see is the front of your house. Letting the lawn go uncut is not the first impression you want to make for your house; your lawn sets the exceptions of your house to the buyer before they even step foot inside. Be sure the lawn is mowed, brushes are trimmed, and weeds are pulled.
  • Scents: Give your house the “sniff test”. There is nothing more off putting to a buyer than a house that smells stale or like litter boxes. Sometimes, we are so immune to the smells of our own home that…

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When a disaster strike within your home, you feel a little relief knowing your home insurance will be there to pick up the pieces. But did you know there are certain things that are not covered? It is always important to read the fine print and know what your plan covers. Here is a general list of damages most insurance policies do not cover and how to prevent them from occurring:

  • Mold. There are about 1,000 different species of mold. Not only does it look disgusting, it is also a health risk, especially for people with allergies or breathing problems. Standard homeowner insurance limits its coverage for mold outbreaks. Prevention: contain moisture in your home. If your basement, doorways, or windows leak during a rainstorm, or if a pipe leaks,…

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It is becoming a common lawsuit in states like California and Colorado against properties without disability access. Do not let that be yout case! If someone in your household (family member, tenant, or renters) needs a wheelchair to get around, you are going to want to equip the home to benefit their needs and promote safety for them. 

  • Begin with the home’s entrance. The cost to build a ramp varies depending on the materials and size of the entrance. The ramp should include handrails, non-slip surface, and a cover. If a ramp will make your exterior look cluttered, consider investing in a vertical platform ramp. Also consider installing the ramps or platform at every entrance for the house.
  • Stairs: If the home is more than one floor, invest in a…

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“Your bathroom is the size of my apartment!” Did you ever think that was a bit of an exaggeration until you lived in your very own apartment and realized the statement can stand true? Here are ways to make the most of your space:

  • Furniture with storage. Not only does it serve its initial purpose, but will also helps declutter. Consider getting a storage ottoman, television stand with shelves, a coffee table with an opening top, and a bed with draws under it. All this storage will be helpful in the long run. 
  • Fold away table. Want a table to eat on but do not want to give up the space? Consider a collapsible table or even a fold-up wall table.
  • Need extra storage? Carrie Bradshaw had the right idea when she stored stuff in her oven. You do not…

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