When people enter into your home, they should be able to tell your story just by how it is designed and decorated. These are tips you should follow whether you are a new homeowner, moving into your new home, or just redecorating. Express yourself while staying up to date with the latest interior design trends!

  • Your home is your brand. Design it to tell your story. If you love a particular color, pattern, or typography, let it seep into the decoration of your house. The rooms of your home should be a place where you feel relaxed and inspired, as well as reflect you.
  • Furnishing and decorating does not need to be expensive. You can find great pieces at Ikea. Vintage shopping for home décor is another inexpensive possibility. If you are a crafty…

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When you are showing your house, the potential buyers are going to look through everything- and we mean EVERYTHING! You are going to want every bit and corner of your house to be clean, even your closets. Here is some closet organizing tips for you to try whether you are moving or not.

  • First things first: Go through all clothes. If you do not like something, if it is out of style, or you have not worn it in over six months, get rid of it; DONATE! You'll have less stuff to pack and unpack for the upcoming move.
  • If you have a lot of bags and purses: Install a shower curtain rod in your closet, or use the rod already in there and hang the purses on shower hooks.
  • Shoes: If you have boots and no boxes to store them in, cut up pool noodles and  try…

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This Saturday July 12th from 1-3 PM. 127 Livingston Ave., Staten Island 10314

This three bedroom, semi-detached home is a commuters delight. This younger, well maintained home gives its next homeowner a clean start to homeownership. The home features convinces like a private bath for the master bedroom, a basement with separate entrance, high ceilings and bathroom as well. On the exterior, a brand new deck and additional storage and that's just a start. Minutes from the bridge and express bus stop, this home puts you ahead of the line when it comes to the morning rush. It's a worthwhile visit this weekend. 

Maryann Dimagistris, the homes listing agent will be present for the open house. 

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On Staten Island’s North Shore, you can find the neighborhood of Sunset Hill.  This is a nice area that doesn’t have too much of the hustle and bustle of the city life.  In this neighborhood, aside from the nice parks you can find, there are a few New York City Landmarks.  One of these landmarks is the Dorothy Valentine Smith House.

The Dorothy Valentine Smith House is located at 1213 Clove Road, on a nice plot of land that actually holds two landmarks—the other one being the John King Vanderbilt House.  The Dorothy Valentine Smith House wasn’t built until sometime between 1893 and 1895 by John Frederick Smith, the father of Dorothy Valentine Smith.

Prior to the home’s existence, this area had been used as farmland during the eighteenth century, much…

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