As always, we here at want you to have a safe and happy celebration. Here are some tips homeowners for you to have a smooth day:

  • Fire Alarms: Be sure your fire alarm is working perfectly. Change the batteries if you have not done so recently. Even cleaning your alarms by vacuuming dust out of them can be helpful as well.
  • Candle safety: Candles are a nice touch to the holiday atmosphere, be sure you keep these caution tips in mind; make sure they are secure in a proper holder and will not tip over. That they are not located by flammable decorations, or in any reach of pets and children. Most importantly, make sure to not have lit candles on or by the Christmas tree.
  • Fireplaces and Mantels: Do not leave a lit fireplace…

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With the holiday's coming up, it is necessary to get your home ready for the festivities. The living room, or even dens and family rooms, is a room that gains a lot of attention during this time, and all year long. There is no need to have to renovate in order to feel brand new. This can simply be accomplished with minor changes. Here is how you can arrange your living room in the most perfect way.

  1. Arrange the seating for face-to-face conversation. With the seat pieces facing each other, with a coffee table in-between, it will make conversations flow easily while keeping drinks in arms length.
  2. Have a combination room? Divide the rooms with a piece of furniture. Divide the living room-dining room area into different zone with furniture…

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With the holidays coming up, you are going to be rushing to finish tasks: gift shopping, decorating, and cleaning! Just stop and think when was the last time you gave your bathroom a little TLC? Set aside a little extra time on the bathroom this holiday season! It is the one room in your entire house that your guests are going to use at least once. Here are a few inexpensive changes that will make a huge difference!

By updating your bathroom’s paint, lighting, and accessories, it can make the room look like a brand new installed bathroom. Top bathroom colors are white, grey, and tranquil/sea foam green. They are a refreshing change and will give the bathroom a spa-like feel. If your bathroom has a hanging light fixture, consider adding an…

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