Explore the various things you can do in order to add extra space to your tiny living arrangements.

  • Size Does Matter: It is important to pay attention to scale and proportions when purchasing furniture. Opt out of oversized and bulky pieces, and avoid sets. Consider getting furniture that is “tight and compact” instead. You can even get furniture that is higher up from the floor so you can store things under it!
  • Make Your Belongings Have a Multipurpose: There is furniture that is disguise as one thing but is also much more! For instance, there are coffee tables that double as a workspace and have storage compartments. These are the type of pieces are you going to want to consider.
  • Organization is the Key: This type is especially used in…

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If your shelves, bookcases, or mantels are looking a little cluttered, then it is time give them a little re-styling. Present your books and trinkets with the visual decor they deserve. With just a few tweaks, the space will look like it came straight out of you favorite home magazine! 

  1. Create balance on a shelf by making sure there is a theme going on. This will create a good layering look that will please the eye. We recommend the theme to be a color pre shelf space. This is the most easiest one to accomplish, but you can be creative and make the theme as exclusive as you want! 
  2. If you have extra space to fill on your shelf, consider adding a framed picture, unique art piece, or even a plant. This will created additional balance while…

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Pantone had named Marsala as 2015's color of the year! Since the announcement in December, the color has been booming in interior designs and decorations. Here are some decorating tips on how you can add the stylist and hearty color into your home without having to do big renovations:

  • Living Room: Incorporate the color by adding a club chair or ottoman piece into your set up. Accessorize the couch with Marsala colored throw pillows or get yourself a center rug. This will make your living room pop well! 
  • Kitchen: The perfect way to add the color into this room is by getting new plates or utensils with a marsala colored handle. It is a little difference that will go a long way. 
  • Wall Art: You can even add the color with a nice wall piece.…

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When you think of sailors on Staten Island, your immediate thought is most likely to be of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden, on Staten Island’s North Shore—and rightly so.  For those unaware, this recreational facility was built in the early 1830s as a home for retired sailors.  While it did, in fact, attract many sailors to our borough, sailors had been coming to Staten Island’s shores for years prior to the opening of the institution—or so we have been led to think.  The North Shore of Staten Island seemed to be a prime location for sailors and those who were retired from the service.

The Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden sits in an area often referred to as Randall Manor.  It sits right on the shore, with an…

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