With Spring coming around, renovations are on the checklist of things to complete. If you are thinking of new siding, we have some things you will need to know before changing the appearance of your home. 


Vinyl siding is tough and comes in many colors and textures. Due to the way the color runs throughout the material, nicks and scratches do not appear easily. The material also requires minimal or no maintenance and is easy to clean dirt off. Vinyl is lightweight and can be installed directly over existing material. This means it is easy to handle, and quick to install while labor cost is low. Only downside is that the panels usually come 12 feet long, so overlapping may cause noticeable seams. Try ordering extra long panels to reduce the…

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Watch as Crystal Mestres takes you on a RealEstateSINY.com home tour for one of our listings. Take a tour in this beautiful Todt Hill Home! 560 Valley View Place has three bedrooms and four bathrooms and includes expansive stunning features. If you are interested in purchasing this home, contact Geralyn Liverani and Susan Frazier., or call our offices: 718-966-9669. 

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We are at it again with affordable changes you can add to your home. With Spring just around the corner, cleaning is probably in the process. Why stop there though? Eliminate the old and bring in brand new changes that will not hurt your pocket at all!

  • Neutral colors create a polished look, even on a lower budget. Get creative by turning your favorite pictures into a black and white photograph and add it into frames. Just remember that less is more, so do not over clutter the wall.
  • For a quick update in your kitchen, paint your current cabinets black. This look is elegant and timeless. After painting, furnish the room with modern lighting and classic chairs and tables that appear rustic.
  • The classic black and white bathroom is still a huge…

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The skeleton that seems to be taking up the most space in our closets is financial. While student loans are the majority of it, there are also auto, mortgage, and credit card debts. It is time to clean out your closet! Climb out your financial hole with these solutions.

  • Write it all down: Write down all your assets, debts, income, and expenses on a sheet of paper to see the overall picture.
  • Find opportunities to save extra: What can you cut back on? Is too much money going into your luxuries or wanted instead of need? Cut back a little: reduce your phone/cable plan, (if you are not already) use coupons, and limit your entertainment amenities. Eliminating can actually boost your saving each month, allowing you to have an extra funds. Add that…

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