Creating a luxuriously cozy bed to climb into each night, especially after a long and busy day, is what we want to accomplish by the end of this blog! So, let us get started in informing you how to put together the perfect bed.

  • The Mattress: Before going into the discussion of what bedding to use, we shall talk about the foundation of your bed. A mattress can last you about 10 years, so make sure your purchase is just right for you. For example, if you are a side sleeper, consider a softer mattress, while stomach and back sleepers may enjoy a firmer mattress. Whether you are buying a new mattress or not, get a dust cover and mattress pad for extra comfort will make the best for your bed.
  • Sheets: The best sheets to get are 100% cotton, but…

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Earth day April 22nd! Which means we are on our rampage of earthly tips for you to partake in. Let us kick it off with this:

According to NASA scientist, indoor plants provide valuable fighting advantages against indoor air pollution. They absorb harmful gases and clean the air within your home. Here are a variety of plants you will want that will remove common chemical vapors and air toxins indoors!  

  • Aloe: This plant is very beneficial in many aspects. Besides being a healing plant, it also absorbs formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide, while increasing oxygen levels. 
  • Peace Lily: Having this plant in your home will greatly reduce chemical toxins in the air, especially ammonia. Pair the Peace Lily with a Snake Plant for…

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Tax day is approaching! April 15 is less than a week away and your have yet to have filed your taxes. It is time to get started. Use this easy five-step plan to help you do your taxes! 

  • Step one – Get your paperwork together: The first step is prepping. Gather all the documents you need, including your W-2 from each employer you have worked with the past year, or a 1099-MISC for any freelance work you have completed. Be sure you also have student loans interest paid, bank interest received, mortgaged investment interest, charitable contributions, and/or documents of business expenses. Keep in mind that even if you do not have all the forms, you should report all of your income, including tips, and freelance work.  
  • Step two – Decide how you…

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