Stay busy this summer by visiting and exploring some of our amazing Greenbelt parks. There are many events happening all summer long that are free and active! 

Cleaning and Maintaining Westerleigh Park

Gather every Saturday morning from 9:00am to noon at Westerleigh Park to help in maintaining the beauty of the park with raking, planting, and gardening. There will even be coffee and donuts for the volunteers. 

Independence Day Celebration

Enjoy your Fourth of July for the annual viewing of fireworks displays at the Alice Austen Park. The event begins at 6pm.

Movies in the Park: Jurassic Park

Bring a blanket, or towel, and enjoy this thrilling movie outside under the night sky. This movie will be held at Willowbrook Park from 8:30pm…

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When it comes to instagram, why allow it to just be about your outfit of the day or throwback Thursday? Show off your home with these picture perfect techniques.

  • Lights, Camera, Action: Having good lighting in your home is a must have. Lamps create good ambience. Just avoid putting them by picture frames. 
  • Floor Space: Create a dramatic set up by adding a colored rug or carpet in front of furniture. It will help highlight specific items.
  • Additional shuffling: A beautiful space always needs visual serenity. Throw pillows and bookcase set-ups will compose this image you seek. Little details, such as flowers and gorgeous book set up will bring the image to life.
  • Perfect Table Setup: A nice table setup will work perfectly on social media.…

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 Ready to add updates to your home? You are going to want to use these modern new trends!

  • Muted Colorblocking: Colorblocking does not always require bright hues. Softer tones, such as lavender and pale green. This will make the look everlasting. Pastel walls give you relaxation. The style will go perfectly in a quiet space, possibly your bedroom or lounging area. If you do a half-painted wall, use any leftover paint to give tabletops a fresh coat and matching appearance to complete the look in the room and add dimension. Hang art and framed photos over the line where the two wall colors meet. 
  • Moody Walls & Metallic Accents: Making a room dramatic can be made simple using dark tones with adding brass and gold decorative pieces. It is an edgy,…

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With the warmer weather hitting, it becomes an urge to lounge outdoors, begin barbecuing, and enjoying the sun's rays. Here are tips on getting your yard ready. 

  1. Create a shaded area: While the sun is warm and welcoming, there are times of the day the sun can be just way too much. Having a nicely sized covered space, created by a roof or awning, will help those who do not want to be exposed to the sun. An umbrella may be the simple way to accomplish this, but may also not do the full trick. 
  2. Furniture: Give careful consideration to the outdoor furniture; the style and layout of the furniture will set the tone for the space. Are you looking for a garden or beach look? Try a Teak L Sofa. How about if you are looking for an urban and city look?…

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