By Enza Maria

Many of my client’s often say that the kitchen is the heart of their home. Needless to say, they are correct. This is a room where meals are made with your family and friends. It also a place where memories are made during the holidays and special occasions. Kitchens are not sedate and quiet rooms. They are rooms filled with energy, aroma, and texture. They are created with a purpose, to be a utilitarian space.

There are several ways to update your kitchen on a budget and not spend an unreasonable amount of money. I recommend spending some time gathering pictures of kitchens you like from your friends home, magazines, or the internet, such as Pinterest.  Choose a style that best suits your taste.

To start, you can get new…

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By Enza Maria

As an interior designer, I enjoy decorating guest rooms for many of my clients. The purpose of a guest room is to make it look welcoming for all your guests. A guest room is supposed to feel different from any other room; It should supply comfort, elegance, sophistication, privacy, and an overall appealing atmosphere to your guests. I like to bring serenity to a room and in order to accomplish that, I become very selective when decorating my clients' guest rooms.


According to Leslie Harrington, executive director of The Color Association of The United States, "We react on multiple levels of association with colors." For example, when we see light colors, it immediately makes us feel happier and puts us in a positive mood.…

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