If it was up to us, we would have flower arrangements around the home all year long. Thanksgiving is a week away and we have already discussed the tabletop decor you should incorporate next Thursday. Mentioned in that Top Ten was centerpieces and flower arrangements. Here are tips on creating a floral arrangement for this upcoming holiday!  

It all begins by selecting the type of flowers you desire to use. Shop at your local flower shop to purchase the in-season bloom. You will want various sizes, including filler flowers and mass blooms like roses, as well as a few details blooms in different shapes and contrast.

What you will need:

  • Vase
  • Scissors
  • Clear Floral Tape
  • Flowers of your choice 
  • Variety of Foliage and/or Greenery

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“Good windows that provide plenty of natural sunlight” is always on top of the checklist for clients in search of a new living space. Nice lighting is hard to come by, especially if you want it for every room within the home. The bright news is that we have tips on how to add affordable lights to illuminate even your darkest rooms and match the style you desire!

  1. If you are just seeking a reading light, the sconce lamp is the way to go. You may notice these types of light in hotel rooms, installed on the wall next to the bed. Depending on the style inside your room, you can opt in for a wide rim wall sconce lamp, or one with a swivel option to move around.

  2. Are you seeking for a more modern look? The pendant light is a popular one seen…

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By Enza Drago

A common location for the laundry room use to be in the basement. I am now noticing a different trend when speaking to my clients. Many prefer to have the laundry room next to their master bedroom, close to the children’s bedroom, and near the common bathroom. What I discovered is that many of my clients prefer to have the laundry room next to these areas in their home because it is a more convenient location and prevents clutter. It is important to my clients that their guest do not see the laundry room when they visit.

To design an efficient laundry room, you must think about the tasks involved; in a laundry room, you sort clothes, washing, drying, and folding clothes. Therefore, you must arrange the work surfaces and…

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