StreetEasy released data, pinpointing neighborhoods throughout New York City for first-time home buyers. The data gathered is determined from results based on the average age of first-time home buyers (ages 31 to 35 years old) and that age group's median income (ranging $66,738). Using that information, they identified the neighborhoods most viable for first-time home buyers in New York City.

Listed below are the 13 neighborhoods in Staten Island, perfect for first-time home buyers, based on the data from StreetEasy. These neighborhoods are based on sales in 2015, for all types of homes with two bedrooms. The numbers of homes for sale in 2015 are listed next to the neighborhood. 

  1. New Springville - Mid-Island, 36 affordable units 
  2. Arden…

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This week, Elsayed Osman, an N.Y.S. Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with, explains what a veterans affairs, or VA loan, is and how it can help veterans buy a house! 

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Who can say they are with us when we state the kitchen is our biggest obsession? Not only is it the most frequently used room in the house, everyone is in-and-out of it daily. It is your home’s central command centre. Transform your kitchen from traditional to a space everyone will love and enjoy, just by adding colors!

Start with the color. Color is the easiest way to turn any room around, even a kitchen. It is as simple as picking up a paintbrush, and within the day, your kitchen will be a completely different space! Dare to be different? Step out of the traditional neutral colors and go lavish! We recommend using smokey colors, such as grey and rose, charcoal and tan, blue and grey, or gold with forest green.

Painting does not have to…

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This week, Elsayed Osman, a N.Y.S. Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with, explains the terminology and technicalities of the real estate industry, helping you understand everything and everyone that goes into a transaction of listing your home.

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Entryways, or foyers, are typically small spaces. Good news is we have advice when styling the entryway in your home! Granted the usual small size, revamping the entrance is doable in not only budget, but even in time!

Pick a theme: The first thing people see when they walk into your home is the entryway. The entryway should resemble the theme that is throughout the rest of your house (rustic, contemporary, boho, etc).

Think simple: As mentioned above, entryways tend to be smaller spaces, which means they can look cluttered, quickly! Think of what you truly need in this space and just stick with the fundamentals: place for your keys, a place for your shoes, etc. Having a neat and organized entryway is a very nice look.

The fundamentals:

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A home should be accessorized with a mix of art, pictures, and objects that define you. It should also feature colors and patterns you enjoy, added with lots and lots of pillows! When moving into your new home, keep these 5 simple tips in mind when decorating. Not only will they save you money, it will help you highlight the best features in each room. 

Create a timeless design in each room. Stick with neutral colors when painting and picking out furniture. This will prevent you from growing bored with the color, all while allowing you to accessorize with new colors yearly. For your living room, family rooms, or dens, get a neutral colored couch, putting colorful throw pillows on it. Another great touch is adding end tables next to the sofa. This…

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