You have decided to sell your home. Before you go forth looking to hire a real estate agent, there are things you should consider doing around your home first. 

  1. Update your landscaping: Home buyers will become emotionally attached to a home for sale within minutes of first seeing it. A nice landscape can sell a home quickly since it is the first thing that potential buyer will see. Add mulch, remove dead or damaged vegetation, and plant bright and colorful flowers. This is a simple day task that will not cost much. 
  2. Add new paint and flooring: If you have to ask if it needs to be done, it probably needs to. Installation, however, may not be in your budget. Instead, get a good cleaning done on your carpet. Make sure all stains are out of the…

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The development of the rentals complex to Staten Island’s North Shore neighborhood continues to gain interest as it releases a teaser website last month: Originally named URL Staten Island, it now goes by the name URBY Staten Island and is bringing 900 new waterfront rentals to Stapleton.

The construction is located on U.S Navy homeport known as 7 & 8 Navy Pier Court and is being developed by David Barry’s Ironstate. A Dutch architectural firm, Concrete is working on this residential property. The units available are  studios, one-, and two-bedroom apartments for rent, designed to make life easy. Each rent features built-in storage, custom closets, washer, dryer, and oversized windows to allow in light and the views.


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Living in New York City, seeing bizarre things do not necessarily have to be from a movie production, but odds are, it is and it is common for us. Residents in Senoia, Georgia were not used to such bizarre things until 2010. Now seeing zombies roam the streets of their neighborhood is as normal as seeing your neighbors every morning before you leave for work.

These zombies are referred to as “walkers” and are actually actors from the hit AMC TV series, The Walking Dead, which returns with new episodes this Sunday, February 14th. The show has been filming in Senoia, only 40 miles outside of Atlanta, since the beginning of the series, marking a total of six years now. The town is definitely reaping the benefits of them being there too.

In 2008,…

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