The redevelopment to Staten Island’s very own abandoned Farm Colony could be opening it’s doors as early as next year with redevelopment opportunities. The City Council approved the plan of turning the 45-acre plot that sits across from the former Seaview Hospital, which is now a long-term care facility that goes by the same name, into 344 condos that will be marketed towards seniors, as well as having a publicly accessible open space.

The plan was approved by both the City Council and the Landmarks Preservation Commision, allowing the New York Economic Development Corporation to sell the land to a Staten Island-based developer, Raymond Masucci, for only $1. That is right! Only one dollar!

Masucci will spend about $91 million to redevelop the…

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The MTA have announced a couple of updates that will be a benefit for Staten Island. The next generation of buses is coming and it will provide riders with free Wi-Fi and USB charging ports. The MTA is also fund 5-million dollars to a study on a light rail system that will connect Staten Island to New Jersey.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the MTA will be adding 2,042 tech-eqipped buses to the transportation fleet over the next five years. This next generation of MTA bus will provide the public with enhanced amenities: 35 to 55 USB charging ports, Wi-Fi hotspots on all rides, and digital information screens providing riders with travel information to reduce anxiety about missing stops and better enabling riders to plan the arrival of their…

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April 15th marks the end of tax season. If you are unhappy with your return this year, there are several things you can do to improve that number. One of those things being that you switch your home's power from electricity to solar panels.

There is a new government program called the “Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit” that was signed on December, 2015, and is extended until the end of 2016. This is for homeowners in specific zip codes to get thousands of dollars in tax credits and rebates just by installing solar panels. This is beneficial for those homeowners who have been wanting to get solar panels installed for their home but were stopped by the cost of installation.

Solar panel is cheaper to run and is better long term for…

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72 Tompkins Circle is a single family detached colonial home in Ward Hill, Staten Island. This home is for sale! Check out all its beautiful and custom features. Give us a call today for more information: (718) 966-9669

Contact the listing agents:

Susan Frazier:

Geralyn Liverani: 

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You might have settled on a time that is right for you to start some renovations at home. Before you embark on the renovation, there are some things you should do first.

  1. Set a flexible budget for yourself. You may have a general idea on how much you think the project is going to cost. Make you sure add a little extra room for the cost to grow. There can be unexpected surprises and changes that will take place once you start tearing down walls and ripping up floors.
  2. Have a vision for the ending result. When you go to get your hair done, you would bring along a picture of what you want done. The same goes with renovations; having a visual reference is very important. This ensures that you and the contractor having the same idea going on.

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