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The fourteenth does not define your relationship status, but is an enjoyable day for everyone to spread love! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the RealEstateSINY.com staff and realtors have put together the Top 10 things they do on Valentine's Day! 

  1. Valentine's Day is like a Box of Chocolate! We agree with Janine LaCerra when she states that it is a must to get chocolates on Valentine's Day! "Valentine's Day was always one of my favorite days, even when I was single. A Valentine's Day has not gone by without a Russell Stover Chocolate heart from my father. No matter how old I get, I'm guaranteed to get that heart from him. And a bonus is, [including my husband] I get two chocolate hearts instead of one. Chocolate is the key to my…
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The Featured Sold Home for this week is a semi-attached single-family house. 269 Doane Avenue is located in the Staten Island neighborhood of Great Kills. It was sold by our team for $462,000.

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Last month, we reported that the MTA had proposed to raise the tolls and fares by March 2017. There was to be a vote on the proposals in January to decide the outcome and final cost. Against most predictions, it was voted to not raise the base fare for a single subway and bus ride; they will remain to be $2.75 per ride.

However, before we get overly excited about the news, the decision will carry with it serious economic consequences for many residents that live in the five boroughs.

Although the single fare rate will stay the same, the MTA board is going to significantly raise the weekly and monthly Metrocards price, beginning March 19 of this year. Unbelievably, it was nearly unanimous, with only a single board member voting against it.


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Toll Booths will become a thing of yesterday! Governor Cuomo is planning to remove toll booths altogether in many New York City ground transportation areas.

In October 2016, Governor Cuomo announced the New York Crossing Project, designed to upgrade the city’s ground transportation infrastructure. The proposed project would replace toll booths with advanced money collecting-sensors. It will outfit bridges citywide with LED lighting displays.

There are hopes that this change will increase efficiency and enhance security. Anyone who has attempted to enter the city by car knows well how often backups and delays occur. Governor Cuomo had stated it will be much quicker and there will be less traffic to deal with especially during rush hours.


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