5 Tips When Decorating Your New Home!

Posted by Anthony Licciardello on Thursday, January 7th, 2016 at 10:28am.

A home should be accessorized with a mix of art, pictures, and objects that define you. It should also feature colors and patterns you enjoy, added with lots and lots of pillows! When moving into your new home, keep these 5 simple tips in mind when decorating. Not only will they save you money, it will help you highlight the best features in each room. 

Create a timeless design in each room. Stick with neutral colors when painting and picking out furniture. This will prevent you from growing bored with the color, all while allowing you to accessorize with new colors yearly. For your living room, family rooms, or dens, get a neutral colored couch, putting colorful throw pillows on it. Another great touch is adding end tables next to the sofa. This timeless look will help you to spend your money wisely.

Bring the outside, inside! Having plants inside your home adds life to that plain corner, or empty table. From the vase or pot to the colors on the leave and petals, you are adding an element of texture and color to your room, giving it new life and brightening your mood! On an extra plus side, plants remove toxins in your home

Do you need curtains? The answer is no! If the room does not need privacy, and the windows overlook a lovely scenery, you can consider not getting curtains for that room. Just have the sun pour in!

Collecting art and decorative objects. Art is one of the most personal things you have have. When you buy art, it stays with you forever, so purchase art that appeals to you! If art is not your per se, consider filling the walls of your room with personal pictures instead. Just be sure not to over crowd and over do it with frames and photographs. 

Master bedroom. Since you have throw pillows in your living space, you do not need to add it to your bed. Throw pillows in a bedroom just get tossed to the floor and are never used. Stick with standard pillows that you will sleep with. The trend tends to be having two standard pillows you will use at night, and then two European Square pillows in front of those; these are 25-inch pillows. They are helpful and supporting to your back when you want to sit up in bed and read. Make sure to have the cases match your sheets!

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