RealEstateSINY.com was once just an afternoon thought; happily today it's a bit more.

When the market was booming, real estate web 2.0 was beginning its metamorphosis into mainstream, real estate deals for agents and brokers became as simple as cutting butter with a hot knife back then. Home buyers ran furiously from house to house just hoping to get in the door, or face a higher home values in the weeks and months to come. I had a phrase I coined, and most of my agents here me utter it time and time again; "Complacency, is the root of all things bad".  Basically, what I was saying is; everything is always in a state of change. Sometimes, it happens without warning, sometimes it happens gradually. I remind everyone, whether or not the like the change you have to adapt. How I explain it to someone who refuses to adapt is; "you can stand in shorts and a t-shirt  as long as you like and wish for summer all year long, but when the weather gets cold do you still want to be in your shorts and t-shirt?"

In business, I leaned these changes can come on in like a storm especially in the Internet era and basically, like Mother Nature, its force is unstoppable. In the internet era, the consumer base works in mass, exuding its will without impunity. If you resist and stand in its way, like a wave, it'll eventually roll you over. The stats tell the tale; more than 90% of homebuyers begin their search for a home on the internet. So I ask, if you're not relevant in what these homebuyers come across online, what will it mean for your business model. Today, it is becoming more apparent, if a real estate business cannot adapt to the technology trends, even at a local level, its relevancy is at stake. Some will argue, but there is no argument that weighs heavy enough in arguing against that. Quite frankly, that change provided opportunity, not just for us either. Today, all you need to do is see how that opportunity played into the hands of major players of the real estate internet world. In a free market system, you can't cry foul, you need to adapt. Many real estate businesses across the nation have flourished, even during a time that presents significant challenges, because they understood the business climate for real estate was changing as fast as the real estate market itself.
Businesses leadership acts like a weather forecaster who prepares the public of an impending storm. However it requires action, so they adjust things to meet those forces and come through even stronger. As a business owner, the one lesson I teach to each agent is if you're in business to chase dollars you'll never find them. Work to understand the business and how to meet its expectations and its challenges, then the business will chase you. From the day I started in the real estate business, I've never lost sight of that concept and never will. It was the very foundation that we have worked to build off of. It was a concept, a vision, one that needed to be weaved from a simple idea. Today, that vision continues to be weaved. While we have made significant strides, we will continue working to see our vision come full circle.  Not for us, but for what our consumer base is asking us for.
As a Real Estate professional working at various offices across Staten Island, I worked many hours and nights to meet the challenges of the internet world. Fortunately, I was the beneficiary of what the real estate market was becoming.  It wasn't magic, just dedication to educate myself and work with diligently to seeing what the future of real estate was becoming.   . We watched, we listened, and most of all we implemented… now we have arrived as an office. We are happy to be of service to all our clients today and long into the future.  We welcome you to the full service real estate company of RealEstateSINY.com.


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