An Auxiliary Lane Project Begin in 2018, Aimed to Reduce Traffic and Congestion

Posted by on Monday, November 21st, 2016 at 3:14pm.

Do you think an auxiliary lane in the West Shore Expressway will reduce car accidents and traffic? A $7.5 million dollar project will aim to reduce congestion on the West Shore Expressway by building a new auxiliary lane.

An auxiliary lane is an extra lane that goes through the entire length of the highway. This lane gives drivers more time to merge in and out for exits. This lane also gives a chance for drivers to speed up and slow down in a safe distance, helping people to exit the highway in a safe manner.

This project itself, according to the state, will be estimated to cost 7.5 million dollars to improve operations in the West Shore Expressway. The auxiliary lane will be between the Victory Boulevard entrance and the Muldoon & Arden Avenues exit (Exit 5) on the Southbound. It will reconfigure and reconstruct existing shoulders on the highway to provide continuous lanes to the exits mentioned. The entire project will provide additional distance to accommodate the large volume of traffic. It will also eliminate the conflict between the traffic merging.  

This project is predicted to eliminate conflict between merging and stand still traffic, thanks to Governor Cuomo plans in reducing the congestion in traffic.  

There have been ramps the NYSDOT (New York State Department of Transportation) had installed to improved the traffic flow and help with the congestion exiting the highways and entering local areas. This project went on in 2015. As well, this project provided better access for commuters in Tottenville and the Bricktown Center in Charleston while avoiding the massive traffic heading to the Outer Bridge.

Rush hour is a big problem, especially when the dramatic slowdown occurs as commuters from the city try to get back onto the island. This auxiliary lane project is great for the South Shore residents because governor himself did not think this would have been an intense project. Instead, Governor Cuomo thought the highways will just be restriped the auxiliary lane exceeds his expectations. The auxiliary lane has not made it on the highway yet. The project will begin in Summer 2018!

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