Overview of 6 over 6 homes and current real estate listings we feature with this type of style home.

Bring your bids- a fully detached two family 6/6 home just hit the market in Staten Island! Highly sought after by large families moving in from Brooklyn or elsewhere, it isn't often that this type of property becomes available. Big enough for extended family, 695 Collfield Avenue also happens to be in beautiful Willowbrook.

In excellent condition, this two story hi-ranch home has plenty of old-world charm. This property features two spacious three bedroom apartments as well as a partially finished basement.

With white columns around the front entrance and balcony and a red brick and white vinyl front, the Romanesque architecture presents quite an impression from the curb. The large lot spans 48 by 100- just imagine the possibilities for large…

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A common complaint of home buyers in the Greater New York area is that the consumer is allowed little input on the new home construction process. The needs of the buyer are often not understood by developers when their projects are conceived.  A home style that has been in demand lately, according to RealEstateSINY.com agent Maria Giakas, is the two-family, six-bedroom and six-bathroom layout. This type of home contains two three-bedroom, three-bathroom apartments. Giakas has reported that several of her clients have recently expressed interest in two-family 6/6 homes. Two three-bedroom apartments allow for two medium-sized families to comfortably share the amenities of a private home, often at a reasonable price. As of right now, she says, only about ten…

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Its common in real estate to hear acronyms used, but not have a complete understanding of what it means. So, what does it mean when some says "I am looking am looking for a 6 over 6 home"?

6 over 6 in Great Kills, Staten IslandIn the late 1950's with the advent of the hi-ranch style home saw its mark being made on Staten Island. It was a time that tract building took over the new construction scene here. It was also a time that saw the first 6 over 6 hi-ranch homes. However, they were never built mass and while many hi-ranch homes exist on Staten Island finding these types of two family homes. (Pictured left)

As a matter of fact, we're seeing quite a bit of new construction 6 over 6 homes in the last couple of years. Demand for these two family homes seems to be peaking, surprisingly…

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