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‘Tis is the season! While the holidays are in full bloom, get your home ready for the expected guest to arrive. If you have people staying at your house, set up your guest room accordingly, so they feel warmly welcomed into your comfortable home. Here is a list of things to have equipped in your guest room:

  1. Why allow your guest to make a trip to the kitchen when they wake up in the middle of the night thirsty? Make it easy on them by providing a carafe of fresh water, or just simply add water bottles to the night stands.
  2. Place a nice glass set of cups by the water so your guest can use them to stay hydrated.
  3. Keep the guest room stocked with clean towels and warm blankets. Layer the bed, this way your guest can adjust the sheets according…
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If it was up to us, we would have flower arrangements around the home all year long. Thanksgiving is a week away and we have already discussed the tabletop decor you should incorporate next Thursday. Mentioned in that Top Ten was centerpieces and flower arrangements. Here are tips on creating a floral arrangement for this upcoming holiday!  

It all begins by selecting the type of flowers you desire to use. Shop at your local flower shop to purchase the in-season bloom. You will want various sizes, including filler flowers and mass blooms like roses, as well as a few details blooms in different shapes and contrast.

What you will need:

  • Vase
  • Scissors
  • Clear Floral Tape
  • Flowers of your choice 
  • Variety of Foliage and/or Greenery
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“Good windows that provide plenty of natural sunlight” is always on top of the checklist for clients in search of a new living space. Nice lighting is hard to come by, especially if you want it for every room within the home. The bright news is that we have tips on how to add affordable lights to illuminate even your darkest rooms and match the style you desire!

  1. If you are just seeking a reading light, the sconce lamp is the way to go. You may notice these types of light in hotel rooms, installed on the wall next to the bed. Depending on the style inside your room, you can opt in for a wide rim wall sconce lamp, or one with a swivel option to move around.

  2. Are you seeking for a more modern look? The pendant light is a popular one seen…

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Are you ready for celebration later? If you are hosting the party at your home, here are safety tips you should keep in mind to have a fun and harmless day!

  • Grilling Safety: Never leave the grill unsupervised. Make sure everyone, especially children and pets, stay clear from the grill. Check to make sure you are not grilling in a enclosed area and never add charcoal starter fluid when coals have already been ignited. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a grill.
  • Beach Safety: If you are visiting the beach today, keep these things in mind such as staying alerted with local weather, stay near a lifeguard, and watch out for aquatic life. Keep alerted of children, always swim with a buddy and sober! Remember to also be…
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When it comes to instagram, why allow it to just be about your outfit of the day or throwback Thursday? Show off your home with these picture perfect techniques.

  • Lights, Camera, Action: Having good lighting in your home is a must have. Lamps create good ambience. Just avoid putting them by picture frames. 
  • Floor Space: Create a dramatic set up by adding a colored rug or carpet in front of furniture. It will help highlight specific items.
  • Additional shuffling: A beautiful space always needs visual serenity. Throw pillows and bookcase set-ups will compose this image you seek. Little details, such as flowers and gorgeous book set up will bring the image to life.
  • Perfect Table Setup: A nice table setup will work perfectly on social media.…
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 Ready to add updates to your home? You are going to want to use these modern new trends!

  • Muted Colorblocking: Colorblocking does not always require bright hues. Softer tones, such as lavender and pale green. This will make the look everlasting. Pastel walls give you relaxation. The style will go perfectly in a quiet space, possibly your bedroom or lounging area. If you do a half-painted wall, use any leftover paint to give tabletops a fresh coat and matching appearance to complete the look in the room and add dimension. Hang art and framed photos over the line where the two wall colors meet. 
  • Moody Walls & Metallic Accents: Making a room dramatic can be made simple using dark tones with adding brass and gold decorative pieces. It is an edgy,…
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With the warmer weather hitting, it becomes an urge to lounge outdoors, begin barbecuing, and enjoying the sun's rays. Here are tips on getting your yard ready. 

  1. Create a shaded area: While the sun is warm and welcoming, there are times of the day the sun can be just way too much. Having a nicely sized covered space, created by a roof or awning, will help those who do not want to be exposed to the sun. An umbrella may be the simple way to accomplish this, but may also not do the full trick. 
  2. Furniture: Give careful consideration to the outdoor furniture; the style and layout of the furniture will set the tone for the space. Are you looking for a garden or beach look? Try a Teak L Sofa. How about if you are looking for an urban and city look?…
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Get ready to built the perfect tablescape that will complete the interior foundation of your home when entertaining. Not only will these pieces be great for special events at your home, but will fit in with your daily life. Put together a bright and colorful tablescape by using pieces such as serving dishes, glasses, table linen, utensils, and cake stands. Just by using everyday items, you can create a colorful layout with simple touches like adding bold flower centerpieces and small accents, such as cloth napkins with rings, folded uniquely.

Keep with neutral basics that you will be able to use everyday, as well as on occasions or special events. Getting simple white plates can be used for your nightly dinners or become dressed up as a base plate…

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We can all openly admit that we dread laundry day. There are many facts and tips out there that may ease your pain, eliminating your distraught to accomplish this home chore.

  • Designate a day: Make one day a week, each week, dedicating it as your laundry day. Try to aim for squeezing your laundry in for the weekdays to keep your weekend free.
  • Get your family involved: Recruit your spouse and children to help you out. Go with the old fashion “Ford” assembly line: one-person separates, one loads and unload, the others fold and put away, etc.
  • Pre-sort: You will find it so much easier if you can sort the clothes before they even hit laundry day. Get hampers that has sectionals this way you are sorting the clothes all while putting them into the…
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Filling your home with flowers this spring is going to basically enhance your décor indoors, as well as brighten your mood. Start off by buying a bouquet at a farmers market or local grocery store. Check out the different ways you can arrange these flowers with the tips below. They will sure be able to inspire you to add blossoms and blooms to your home.

  • Distribute flowers into different types of vases. You can use a combination of different vases: colors, shapes, and sizes. This look will look perfect in a bedroom, living room, or kitchen.
  • Cut the stems to fit the size of the vase you are using. It will make it easy to which floral best fits which vessel.
  • Group the flowers by type and color. This will create a fresh and modern look.…
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