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Creating a luxuriously cozy bed to climb into each night, especially after a long and busy day, is what we want to accomplish by the end of this blog! So, let us get started in informing you how to put together the perfect bed.

  • The Mattress: Before going into the discussion of what bedding to use, we shall talk about the foundation of your bed. A mattress can last you about 10 years, so make sure your purchase is just right for you. For example, if you are a side sleeper, consider a softer mattress, while stomach and back sleepers may enjoy a firmer mattress. Whether you are buying a new mattress or not, get a dust cover and mattress pad for extra comfort will make the best for your bed.
  • Sheets: The best sheets to get are 100% cotton, but…
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Earth day April 22nd! Which means we are on our rampage of earthly tips for you to partake in. Let us kick it off with this:

According to NASA scientist, indoor plants provide valuable fighting advantages against indoor air pollution. They absorb harmful gases and clean the air within your home. Here are a variety of plants you will want that will remove common chemical vapors and air toxins indoors!  

  • Aloe: This plant is very beneficial in many aspects. Besides being a healing plant, it also absorbs formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide, while increasing oxygen levels. 
  • Peace Lily: Having this plant in your home will greatly reduce chemical toxins in the air, especially ammonia. Pair the Peace Lily with a Snake Plant for…
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With Spring coming around, renovations are on the checklist of things to complete. If you are thinking of new siding, we have some things you will need to know before changing the appearance of your home. 


Vinyl siding is tough and comes in many colors and textures. Due to the way the color runs throughout the material, nicks and scratches do not appear easily. The material also requires minimal or no maintenance and is easy to clean dirt off. Vinyl is lightweight and can be installed directly over existing material. This means it is easy to handle, and quick to install while labor cost is low. Only downside is that the panels usually come 12 feet long, so overlapping may cause noticeable seams. Try ordering extra long panels to reduce the…

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We are at it again with affordable changes you can add to your home. With Spring just around the corner, cleaning is probably in the process. Why stop there though? Eliminate the old and bring in brand new changes that will not hurt your pocket at all!

  • Neutral colors create a polished look, even on a lower budget. Get creative by turning your favorite pictures into a black and white photograph and add it into frames. Just remember that less is more, so do not over clutter the wall.
  • For a quick update in your kitchen, paint your current cabinets black. This look is elegant and timeless. After painting, furnish the room with modern lighting and classic chairs and tables that appear rustic.
  • The classic black and white bathroom is still a huge…
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Explore the various things you can do in order to add extra space to your tiny living arrangements.

  • Size Does Matter: It is important to pay attention to scale and proportions when purchasing furniture. Opt out of oversized and bulky pieces, and avoid sets. Consider getting furniture that is “tight and compact” instead. You can even get furniture that is higher up from the floor so you can store things under it!
  • Make Your Belongings Have a Multipurpose: There is furniture that is disguise as one thing but is also much more! For instance, there are coffee tables that double as a workspace and have storage compartments. These are the type of pieces are you going to want to consider.
  • Organization is the Key: This type is especially used in…
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If your shelves, bookcases, or mantels are looking a little cluttered, then it is time give them a little re-styling. Present your books and trinkets with the visual decor they deserve. With just a few tweaks, the space will look like it came straight out of you favorite home magazine! 

  1. Create balance on a shelf by making sure there is a theme going on. This will create a good layering look that will please the eye. We recommend the theme to be a color pre shelf space. This is the most easiest one to accomplish, but you can be creative and make the theme as exclusive as you want! 
  2. If you have extra space to fill on your shelf, consider adding a framed picture, unique art piece, or even a plant. This will created additional balance while…
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Pantone had named Marsala as 2015's color of the year! Since the announcement in December, the color has been booming in interior designs and decorations. Here are some decorating tips on how you can add the stylist and hearty color into your home without having to do big renovations:

  • Living Room: Incorporate the color by adding a club chair or ottoman piece into your set up. Accessorize the couch with Marsala colored throw pillows or get yourself a center rug. This will make your living room pop well! 
  • Kitchen: The perfect way to add the color into this room is by getting new plates or utensils with a marsala colored handle. It is a little difference that will go a long way. 
  • Wall Art: You can even add the color with a nice wall piece.…
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Artificial scents can be unpleasing and the harmful chemicals can be bad, especially for people with asthma and allergies. Try homemade scents instead! These scents will make your home have a nice warm greeting for any occasional: small gathers, parties, or even an open house!  

The good thing about this project is it is cheap and the materials are easy to gather. All you will need is mason jars, water, spices or herbs, fruit, and essential oils. Below are some popular combinations you can use. However, it is not limited to these five; you can mix together about any combination you prefer.

  • Lemon, rosemary, and lavender oil
  • Orange, cinnamon sticks, and cloves
  • Mint, vanilla, and lime
  • Lime, coconut oil, and vanilla
  • Cinnamon sticks…
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Chores are not always fun, but having a clean house is always delightful. Ditch the old one day dedicated to cleaning and break up the task daily. To make it even easier, we have already broken up the various necessary chores into daily sessions that can be accomplish as short as 20 minutes a day!  This schedule will keep you home always neat and tidy and even allows you to relax on Sundays! 

Monday's - Dust: Start the week off with an easy take. Simply dusk off the furniture, shelves, tabletops, and television. 

Tuesday's - Clean Floors: Sweep your wood and tiled floors. Choose to vacuum instead if you have the spare time, or especially if you have carpeted floors. Mop any room that needs the extra scrub. 

Wednesday's - Clean the Bathrooms:

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Snow and ice wreak havoc on more than just your commute to work. After stocking up in the supermarket, find out how to keep your home safe from a terrible mess when it snows. 

Pre-Winter and Snow Prep Around your Home: 

  • Prevent ice dams on your roof and gutters: An ice dam occurs when snow gathers on your roof. Due to heating happening within your home, the snow will begin to melt at the top of your roof. This leads the snow to slide down your roof the refreeze. This creates a barrier of ice that traps water on the top of your roof. To prevent ice dams, you should make sure your attic is properly insulated and ventilated.
  • Get your pipes ready for the winter: Wrap your pipes to prevent them from freezing, especially in unused areas like…
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