By Enza Maria

As an interior designer, I enjoy decorating guest rooms for many of my clients. The purpose of a guest room is to make it look welcoming for all your guests. A guest room is supposed to feel different from any other room; It should supply comfort, elegance, sophistication, privacy, and an overall appealing atmosphere to your guests. I like to bring serenity to a room and in order to accomplish that, I become very selective when decorating my clients' guest rooms.


According to Leslie Harrington, executive director of The Color Association of The United States, "We react on multiple levels of association with colors." For example, when we see light colors, it immediately makes us feel happier and puts us in a positive mood. This is what I keep in mind when decorating guest rooms for all my clients. I prefer calm tones, light and neutral colors for decorating the guest room. Not only am I an interior designer, but I also have a bachelors in psychology. Through these studies, they have shown that colors indeed affect a person’s mood. Therefore, I use a lot of golds and ivory, light blues and yellows, or greens and oranges. I like to keep the room looking bright and I always try to make sure the bed is facing near the window, just like I would do in any other bedroom. I want to make sure that the guest has some kind of a view when they wake up in the morning.

It is important as a designer to be architecturally creative. I find it to be important to have placement, whether it is art or sculptures. This gives your guests something to look at or be interested in. When creating window treatments, I like to keep it light and simple. I normally like using shades or long drapery. I complete the look by placing an area rug right under the bed. Comfort is the key, especially in a guest room. Your guests will not have to walk on cold hardwood floors right when they wake up in the morning. Finally, it is the small things that matter, like placing beautiful flowers right next to the bed. This way when your guests wakes up, the first thing they see and smell are the flowers. It is both very stylish and has a purpose as well.

I used the word “purpose” often in this blog because when decorating anything, especially a guest bedroom, each item or color has to have a purpose. I often try to put myself in the guests' shoes and try to create a private sanctuary for them. As the owner and decorator of Bedford Interior Design, this is exactly what I try to achieve for all of my clients.

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