Small RoomWhile looking for a place to live, a small room is not something most people want but you may not have a choice in the matter. If you live in a dorm room or a small apartment that is your only option and you will have to make it work in your best interest. Here are some tips as to how you can help make your small room look bigger.

  • Add a mirror to the room. When you place the mirror on a wall it can actually help make the room seem bigger due to the reflection it gives off. Make sure you check all walls before hanging it, to see what place will help enlarge the room.
  • Bring attention to the ceiling. If you place a bookshelf that extends from the floor to the ceiling it will help make the room seem higher than it actually is. Bookshelves are not only good for holding books, but can also be extra space to add decorations to your home or to store extra items.
  • Don’t clutter the space. By getting a chest or ottoman it will provide you with extra hidden storage for the items that aren’t necessary to be out all the time. If you have too much stuff out in the open the room can seem cluttered and smaller.
  • Don’t use heavy curtains to cover windows. By using a lighter weight curtain for your windows it will allow more natural sunlight to enter the room, bringing a spacious feeling to the room.
  • Use suitable lighting. If you choose a hanging light opposed to a table light it will draw attention to the ceiling allowing for a higher looking space. It also spreads the light out more evenly around the room to make it seem bigger.
  • Buy square or rectangular furniture, rather than curved furniture. The curvature of some furniture takes up more space than squared out furniture. If you buy the furniture that is squarer or rectangular you can place it right against the walls, fit everything together, and not take up unnecessary space.
  • Make sure to paint in the right shade. Lighter shade colors add a more open effect to a room, while darker shades make the walls seem closer together. If you want to paint with a dark color, use it for an accent wall, but only if necessary, to add a more dramatic look to the room.
  • Bring attention away from flaws in the room. By accenting a piece of artwork or a picture it will help bring the attention away from something you are not fond of in the room. Also, if you place the painting or picture high enough on the wall you can add the effect of extra height in the room.
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