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By: Enza Maria

Bedford Interior Design; Contributing Designer for

The first thing you must think about is what appeals to you regarding color scheme, furniture style, and density of objects in the room. I advise that when decorating any space, you must plan a generic outlook on how you want to express your style. It should be decorated according to your lifestyle and taste. Having a good strategy and plan will prevent costly mistakes.

Before you buy or start anything, it is always recommended that you do a lot of research. Being an interior designer, research is key; looking through the internet, magazines, or catalogs can help you decide on what kind of style you want in your living space. Lighting also plays a significant…

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By: Enza Maria

Bedford Interior Design; Contributing Designer for

There are those designers that only work for the “rich and famous” and have clients that pay large amounts of money to have a designer design their home. On the other hand, there are designers, like myself, that rather work for people who think that they cannot afford to make their home look glamorous.

I am a designer that enjoys helping my clients make their home breathtakingly beautiful. I enjoy giving that shock value to my clients after they see their home and how little they spent. I love making a person's home look like a million dollars when all I did was work within their price budget! There are many homeowners who do great when decorating their own…

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By: Enza Maria

Bedford Interior Design; Contributing Designer for

Whether you're a new homeowner, or doing a little remodeling, furniture placement is essential. You must work with the space that you’re given. One may have an odd shaped room to work with and it can be very tricky to make the room appear bigger than it really is. Or you may have a large room and it is very challenging to make it not look empty.

Furniture size, paint color, flooring, light fixtures, and home accessories should be taken into account when filling a space. The trick is placing furniture items of dark colors in the areas that receive maximum sunlight. This makes the room appear brighter and the furniture items look more refined. When placing the…

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By: Enza Maria

Bedford Interior Design; Contributing Designer for

Art work is one of the most crucial and overlooked aspects in interior design. A beautiful piece of art has the capability of transforming a well-designed room into something that is breathtaking. It can be a splash of color to modernized a design or help a more classical design achieve that rich, lavish look.

You can even use art to blend two different styles to create a unique design of your own, or tie together a room that is missing that little something. Despite popular belief, you do not have to break the bank.

Having your children’s artwork framed is a good way to brighten up a room with a piece that will not only enhance your space, but…

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We are proud to introduce our new contributing interior designer to the team! Enza Drago is an Interior Design Expert from Bedford Interior Designs. Enza will be our new interior design columnist and her articles will post every Thursday to our blog for your enjoyment! She will also be available to our clients for design tips and even in-house design work.

Welcome to the team Enza!


A letter from Enza:

Dear friends, 

My name is Enza Maria Drago and I have been an interior designer for 5 years. Entering a room, people normally would see it as is. Growing up, I noticed myself imagining how I could bring each room to life. Interior Design is a strong passion of mine that courses…

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When it comes to instagram, why allow it to just be about your outfit of the day or throwback Thursday? Show off your home with these picture perfect techniques.

  • Lights, Camera, Action: Having good lighting in your home is a must have. Lamps create good ambience. Just avoid putting them by picture frames. 
  • Floor Space: Create a dramatic set up by adding a colored rug or carpet in front of furniture. It will help highlight specific items.
  • Additional shuffling: A beautiful space always needs visual serenity. Throw pillows and bookcase set-ups will compose this image you seek. Little details, such as flowers and gorgeous book set up will bring the image to life.
  • Perfect Table Setup: A nice table setup will work perfectly on social media.…
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 Ready to add updates to your home? You are going to want to use these modern new trends!

  • Muted Colorblocking: Colorblocking does not always require bright hues. Softer tones, such as lavender and pale green. This will make the look everlasting. Pastel walls give you relaxation. The style will go perfectly in a quiet space, possibly your bedroom or lounging area. If you do a half-painted wall, use any leftover paint to give tabletops a fresh coat and matching appearance to complete the look in the room and add dimension. Hang art and framed photos over the line where the two wall colors meet. 
  • Moody Walls & Metallic Accents: Making a room dramatic can be made simple using dark tones with adding brass and gold decorative pieces. It is an edgy,…
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Filling your home with flowers this spring is going to basically enhance your décor indoors, as well as brighten your mood. Start off by buying a bouquet at a farmers market or local grocery store. Check out the different ways you can arrange these flowers with the tips below. They will sure be able to inspire you to add blossoms and blooms to your home.

  • Distribute flowers into different types of vases. You can use a combination of different vases: colors, shapes, and sizes. This look will look perfect in a bedroom, living room, or kitchen.
  • Cut the stems to fit the size of the vase you are using. It will make it easy to which floral best fits which vessel.
  • Group the flowers by type and color. This will create a fresh and modern look.…
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Creating a luxuriously cozy bed to climb into each night, especially after a long and busy day, is what we want to accomplish by the end of this blog! So, let us get started in informing you how to put together the perfect bed.

  • The Mattress: Before going into the discussion of what bedding to use, we shall talk about the foundation of your bed. A mattress can last you about 10 years, so make sure your purchase is just right for you. For example, if you are a side sleeper, consider a softer mattress, while stomach and back sleepers may enjoy a firmer mattress. Whether you are buying a new mattress or not, get a dust cover and mattress pad for extra comfort will make the best for your bed.
  • Sheets: The best sheets to get are 100% cotton, but…
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We are at it again with affordable changes you can add to your home. With Spring just around the corner, cleaning is probably in the process. Why stop there though? Eliminate the old and bring in brand new changes that will not hurt your pocket at all!

  • Neutral colors create a polished look, even on a lower budget. Get creative by turning your favorite pictures into a black and white photograph and add it into frames. Just remember that less is more, so do not over clutter the wall.
  • For a quick update in your kitchen, paint your current cabinets black. This look is elegant and timeless. After painting, furnish the room with modern lighting and classic chairs and tables that appear rustic.
  • The classic black and white bathroom is still a huge…
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