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If your shelves, bookcases, or mantels are looking a little cluttered, then it is time give them a little re-styling. Present your books and trinkets with the visual decor they deserve. With just a few tweaks, the space will look like it came straight out of you favorite home magazine! 

  1. Create balance on a shelf by making sure there is a theme going on. This will create a good layering look that will please the eye. We recommend the theme to be a color pre shelf space. This is the most easiest one to accomplish, but you can be creative and make the theme as exclusive as you want! 
  2. If you have extra space to fill on your shelf, consider adding a framed picture, unique art piece, or even a plant. This will created additional balance while…
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Pantone had named Marsala as 2015's color of the year! Since the announcement in December, the color has been booming in interior designs and decorations. Here are some decorating tips on how you can add the stylist and hearty color into your home without having to do big renovations:

  • Living Room: Incorporate the color by adding a club chair or ottoman piece into your set up. Accessorize the couch with Marsala colored throw pillows or get yourself a center rug. This will make your living room pop well! 
  • Kitchen: The perfect way to add the color into this room is by getting new plates or utensils with a marsala colored handle. It is a little difference that will go a long way. 
  • Wall Art: You can even add the color with a nice wall piece.…
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A kitchen backsplash covers the portion of the wall between the counter and the cabinets. Its main purposes is to protect the wall from food and splattering oil in areas were cooking will take place. Kitchen backsplashes has been a modern design added into renovating kitchens, or even a lovely addition in newly constructed homes. Compared to a painted wall or wallpaper, backsplashes are easy to clean. 

Not only does the backsplash protect your walls, it looks more attractive! Adding a backsplash can give your kitchen an up to date look without having to renovate the whole kitchen! It is a great way to add more color to your kitchen. There is no need to worry about the cost since there are many different choices and designs to choose from. Here are…

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Congratulations! You are expecting a little bundle of joy! While this news is amazing, there is so much that needs to be done: doctor appointments, change of dietary needs, new clothes, and, of course, a nursery room! Whether you are expecting a boy or girl, we are here to help you decorate the nursery room in the best possible way before the little on arrives!

Keep in mind that the baby was a joint effort. This means you should decorate the room to not only highlight the newborn, but also you and your spouse. Have it combine your personal style with traditional flairs. For instance, if your husband loves fishing,  consider giving the room a coastal anchor theme. Is he more of a golfer? Paint the room a shade of green and try accessorizing with a…

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