Making a Small Space Look Big!

Posted by Anthony Licciardello on Thursday, September 18th, 2014 at 2:22pm.

Overcrowding is the worst decorating mistake to make in a small room! Whether you have one small room in your house, or your apartment, you are going to want the room to always feel spacious. Here is how you can achieve that:

  • Paint the ceilings:┬áMake a bold statement by painting the ceiling! It will make the room look taller. Anything that draws your eyes upwards makes the room feel bigger. Just be sure to use light colors for the walls and flooring.
  • High up shelving:┬áDo not like the ceiling paint idea? Try hanging shelves close to the ceiling. It will do the same thing as the painted ceiling and draw eyes upwards, making the room feel taller.
  • Use multi-purpose items: Buy a couch that turns into a bed, an ottoman with storage compartments, an entertainment unit or coffee table with tons of shelves and storage space. Buying these items with a double, or even triple purpose, limits the amount of furniture you would need to buy.
  • Keep things light: Decorate with light colors, making the room look bright and open. Keeping pieces low-profile is pleasing to the eyes. Another great tip with color is keeping shelving color-coded! This will create a structured look.
  • Leave windows open!: You may think you need to cover your windows up, but leaving them open, allowing in more light, creates space depth in a room. If you want privacy, consider roman shades or blinds instead of curtains.
  • Keep the colors flowing: To create unity, use different shades of the same color. It will maintain consistency that makes the space feel open.

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