Newlywed Homeowner Tips

Posted by Anthony Licciardello on Thursday, August 14th, 2014 at 9:32am.

The wedding is complete and the honeymoon is over. It is time to start your life together in your new home. You will probably be getting an earful from relatives and friends on what you should be doing and how to do it. While their advice may be helpful, you need to remember it is YOUR home. Here are some essentials you must know to make yourself feel settled.

  • Getting curtains and/or blinds can really give a room the proper interior welcome. It is also a great way to start creating the color scheme for the room. This year’s popular colors in interior design have been emerald green, blues, and radiant orchid. 
  • The bedroom should be a place you both find inviting and relaxing. Make the colors of this room gender-neutral. Settle on a comforter, bed sheets, and pillows you both find comfortable. The same goes for the room’s decorations. This is no longer going to be like your childhood/personal bedroom. Extra Newlywed Tip: make it a rule to have the bedroom be an electronic free zone. The social networks can be put on rest.
  • Avoid arguments by constructing an equal cleaning schedule. Make sure you guys alternate with the chores throughout the month. To keep track of this schedule, thing about adding a chalkboard or dry ease board in the kitchen or home’s office. You can find nice ones in super stores, like Target or Staples, or make your own with D.I.Y tutorials from Pinterest. 
  • If you are now your own landlord, make sure you have all the tools needed for repairs. Also be sure to always be on top of your home’s maintenance. Stay tuned for our monthly home tasks that are published every first Thursday of each month. 

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